How to Buy Property Using Other Peoples Money

By: Javaid Kiyani

Purchasing property without the use of your own capital is not difficult as long as you are able to learn different strategies.

Typically, the easiest property to buy no money down is the one which has been on the market for a long term. Long term here would mean several months. Generally, the longer the period of time a property has been on the market for, the more motivated the seller becomes. Hence, it becomes easier to negotiate a lower price and hence get a good deal.

When negotiating with the vendor of a below market value property, the buyer should prove to the vendor that he has sufficient funds for the purchase of that property. This can be done by showing bank statements or any documents evidencing credit status. In this way, the seller will be assured that his loan will be satisfied from the resale of his property.

The buyer should also check the sellers mortgage statements to ensure that his offer price is able to meet this obligation. If the offer price is less than the mortgage amount, the mortgagee will not be satisfied on completion of the sale and hence the sale will not be allowed to proceed.

Several parties are involved in the no money down buying process. Firstly, a surveyor will value the property you are considering purchasing. If the price you are buying the property for is truly less than the true value of that property, this will be reflected in the surveyors valuation figures. Solicitors and financiers are also involved in ensuring the deal goes ahead as planned.

The property purchasing funds that you apply for need to be based on the valuation figure and not the purchase figure of that property. This way, your mortgagee may be able to lend you the entire amount of the purchase. Often, if the discount is big enough, you can also receive cash back from this type of deal. Again, this depends on the purchase, price, valuation figures and the mortgagee who is lending to you. Rental calculations are also taken into account especially if you are purchasing the property as a rental investment.

For a truly no money down deal, none of your money should be used for that transaction. This would also include monies required for conveyancing and surveyor fees etc. These additional expenses can be paid for using interest free credit cards and low interest loans. You can repay these loans later on using the equity in your property especially if the market is rising. Obviously, in a falling market, some of these strategies become more difficult to implement and you may need to use other methods. This is why it is so important for you to keep your eyes on the ball and ensure that you remain educated to the latest techniques and standards.

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