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By: Abhinav Sidana
A common question a first time owner who wants to 'Buy or Sell By Owner' is who to ask for details to proceed further in this matter. There are so many available who can help you regarding FSBO.

The first and immediate source that will come to our mind is an 'Agent'. No doubt he will be well versed in such transactions, as he is a professionally qualified person in this field. But you may have to part with a small commission to him for his consultation, since he will be helping you out honestly and it will only be fair for him to expect some compensation for the time and efforts he put in for you.

The next person will be a mortgage officer. He will also be as much professional as an Agent, since he will be seeing as many as the transactions as a real estate agent. Here one advantage will be that he may not expect any commission for this job, since he is likely to feed a mortgage business from the prospective buyer.

Next in the line will be a closing Agent or a Title Insurance Company, who will be also seeing so many transactions in the real estate fields. Finding a closing agent will be very easy as they advertise in the phone book. These agents are also available locally. They or you might be coming across them in your day-to-day business. These agents will know a lot than one thinks of them. A regulated attorney will be giving bigger and more expensive ads. He can be contacted for pretty good business.

Another source is FSBO advertising and assistance companies. These companies advertise either on online or through a print media. Many of these companies will help you, as they exist out to help out the FSBO market. They will always be aware of the problematic areas and benefits as a 'FSBO' buyer or seller. Hence they will be giving a correct answer for your questions.

The following website will be of help to you in FSBO:


Good luck for your effort and wish you success!!!!

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