Maximizing Profits in the Home Buying Season

By: Craig Berger

Spring is the traditional time to buy and sell in the real estate business, and while the housing market has not been at its best, this just allows people to take advantage of excellent deals. Whether you are trying to buy property or sell your home, learn how to maximize your profits during this home-buying season.

Maximizing Profits From Home Sales

Those looking to sell their homes should follow a few steps before putting it on the market. Firstly, make sure you understand why you are selling or else you run the risk of spending a great deal of time and money on a project that goes nowhere. Once you are fully prepared to sell, start researching where you want to live next.

Interview real estate agents and ask for marketing plans to increase visibility of your home. Also, ask them for advice on to prepare your home for selling, home staging, pricing and the net profit. Develop a plan with the agent you choose and make sure they know exactly what you want out of your selling experience. Once your house is on the market, hold off on visiting new homes since it is usually more profitable to wait until you sell before you buy.

Getting The Most Out Of Home Buying

Real estate online is the easiest way to begin researching neighborhoods and prices. Determine what you can afford first, then start looking at all the places you would want to live. Open houses are a more traditional way of looking at property without having to commit to a real estate agent. Compare prices between new homes and older ones. If you can narrow down a few choices and are truly serious about buying, then start calling real estate agents.

Mortgages rates are at a historically all-time low, so find out all your financing options before you make any bids. With the housing market flooded with sellers, now is a better time to buy than ever. If you absolutely love the house, buy it regardless of whether you think the price will drop.

Just because there are more options does not mean the best deals go unnoticed. Look for foreclosed homes that are real estate owned (REOs) or find sellers that need to move in a hurry for your best bargains.

Maximizing Profits For Both Buyers And Sellers

Hire an appraiser to determine the value of your house and fix any major repairs before putting it on the market. If you are completely ready to buy a certain house, hire a home inspector to check it out for necessary repairs or damage.

Buyers and sellers should both talk to lenders and receive loan preapproval letters, so you know how much you qualify for when acquiring a mortgage. Do some comparison shopping for lending companies and mortgage types before settling on anything, and be careful of mortgage frauds.

Above all, make sure that what you want is to buy or sell before you are stuck with a huge loan you cannot pay off or a house that sits on the market. Taking time to prepare yourself for selling or buying a home will help you get the most out of this real estate season.

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