the Worth of Commercial Properties

By: Bayo Shivamber

'The worth of commercial properties'

'What is my commercial property worth?' that is the question of a lot of real estate investors in today's uncertain real estate market. Commercial property is property that is used for business purposes, such as gas stations, malls, convenience store, offices, hotels, and so on.

If you were a real estate agent and someone asked you 'What is my commercial property worth?' would you be able to give them an estimate of how much their commercial property was worth? This field of real estate investing is different from residential, so there are less qualified brokers out there to handle these transactions.

When a seller comes in and asks 'What is my commercial property worth?', you as an investor looking into investing in commercial real estate can come in and make him an offer based on your market research and figures in hand. You can receive income from rents and appreciation if it is sold at a profit.

This type of investment comes with large risks like a drop in property value due to overbuilding or non payment of rents by tenants. This carrying cost is now your burden to deal with, and this is something that will affect your bottom line. You must leave a cushion of funds available for such a time.

This exciting field of commercial real estate is fun if you can handle the bigger responsibilities and bigger buildings involved. In no time you will be able to answer that question, 'What is my commercial property worth?' when someone is looking to unload their property to you for a good price. For more information, please visit

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