Commercial Development in Houston Suggests Strong Market

By: Tim Dillard

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2007, the Houston real estate market is slowing mildly but it remains strong in comparison to the national numbers that have been fore-casted. This is not evident in Houston as the market is showing a weakness. In this last quarter development of property and sales are strong. Houston is one market that has stood strong compared to other markets in the U.S.

Metropolitan areas and suburban areas are in demand with all the commercial property for sale. Houston, as both commercial and residential land space is taken, developers will soon slow and top dollar will be demanded for existing property. Houston is holding steady and strong as consumer demand and population growth are contributing to a greater need for commercial development.

Houston, there is no end in sight in the suburban developments and there are more restrictions with zoning in master planned communities than in the inner city loop. The growth and reconstruction to revitalize the inner city is non stop. Existing retail shops, restaurants have a constant flow of consumers. The Houston market and consumer spending have not shown the decline percentages seen in other parts of the nation.

Continuous funding for improvements for highways and streets will ease the commute for citizens in this sprawling 8,700 square mile city. Suburbanites will continue to see an easier commute from surrounding areas as construction hold ups are completed.
Massive undertaking is in progress to improve highways and move traffic more easily during rush hour traffic. For those working in the downtown area and living in the suburbs the commute will be quicker and less stressful.

Houston is an appealing city; it is still young and diverse in culture. Every section of Houston shows its own culture, in its own market. Amazingly, all these areas of Houston work and support each other. Added restaurants, theaters, businesses and homes for a city that is on the move with each shopping center developer.

Houston when considering commercial development, this area has the largest medical center in the world. It is without question "the best" in the world. Advancements in medicine and technology research open the doors for opportunity that no other city in the world can offer.

Continued demand and growth is predicting stability in the future of Houston's economy regardless of national decline. After planned improvements are completed the appeal to lease or own property in the Houston area will climb and real estate prices will soar.

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