Real Estate Agents Become Spammers

By: Aaron Dickinson

Yes, the market is slow.
Yes, the showing activity has fallen.
Yes, housing activity is at record highs.
No, agents should not Spam each other for things already in the MLS.

Agents are running scared now with sellers that are very disappointed with showings and general market interest in their homes. They are pushing their agents to 'make something happen' which is causing some agents to say: 'I'll email all the Realtors in the Twin Cities a message about our {Broker Open, Sunday Open, 1% price reduction, new carpet in one room, $500 Realtor incentive, etc} so that your house gets their special attention.'

Special attention is given to homes priced competitively with great photos that demonstrate a home in great showing condition with the features my buyers want. If it's on the MLS, I've seen it and so have my buyers via the computer. If we thought it was worth seeing in person we will schedule an appointment. There is so much online that if your home doesn't stand out from the rest via the reasons above, no amount of advertising is going to fix it. Agents and consumers are smart... we know when we're being sold sunshine.

Every time I get one of these emails from agents, which is happening 4-5 times per week now, I remind them that it is against our association's policy to Spam, that it could get them 'blacklisted' from brokers' email servers, leaving them incabaple of sending messages to anyone at a broker, and that it is redundant. If all agents did this we'd be getting 30,000+ networking emails for houses we already know about.

The only time it is reasonable to email fellow agents is when they've shown the house before, the agent has a saved search in the MLS that comes up on our 'reverse prospecting' tool, the agents have an existing business relationship that justifies it, or if the property is not on the MLS... a 'quiet listing' that needs promotion this way. Any other time is simply inconsiderate.

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