Making your Home "work"

By: Lane Hornung

As homes are becoming more and more "works of art" we seem to have lost a lot of the utility that helps define a home. Many years ago homes had a real purpose and indeed each room had it's own specific function. It is a real trend that we have seen the homes today losing that focus and function in favor of decorations and becoming more of a show piece than an actual room. If this is the way that you prefer to live then that is entirely your choice but what does this style of life do for a home show? Is it possible that a home that lacks a sense of purpose in each room could be harder to sell? I would think so.

One thing that people really look for in a home is some sort of overall theme and rooms that are useful are easier to sell because buyers have an idea of what to do with an area.

For instance if you are using a room as a storage area and it is packed with boxes and stuff it will be next to impossible for a buyer to accurately gauge the room's size and purpose. Buyers like to be able to see every nook and cranny of a room so that they can mentally place their things in it. Having your space organized is extremely important as messy homes don't sell or show well and tend to stay on the market much longer than average homes.

This is something that is especially important to people who have families with kids. Moving is a highly stressful time than is only compounded by the presence of kids. These people want to be able to look, find, purchase and move into a home that is in perfect working condition and does not have any issues that they will have to deal with. With everything in working condition and a clear idea of a each room's purpose they can move in and get on with their daily lives in a minimum amount of time. Nobody want to have to fuss around with getting things fixed after an exhausting move. The faster the move can be completed and settled the better. buyers will look for this in a home so try to show them exactly what each room is for and that there will be no troubles once they are moved in.

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