Instant Success or Gradual Improvement?

By: Michael Southon

We live in a culture of instant success.

This is especially so on the Internet. Everyone wants to become an 'Overnight Millionaire', 'Retire Quickly', 'Get Rich Quick', and so on.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work - except in rare cases.

But here's a system that does work - it's called evolution or Gradual Improvement and Nature has been doing it for millions of years.

Nature operates through trial and error. It's constantly experimenting, testing.

Each generation produces new mutations. Some succeed, some don't. Those that succeed become the basis for the next advance, and so on.

And that's also the secret of successful web marketers - trial and error. They constantly test. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When they find something that works, they improve on it. Each tiny success becomes the platform for the next success, and so on.

In fact, people who succeed in any walk of life do so not because they discover a 'formula for success', but because they learn how to deal with failure.

Thomas Edison, when asked if he felt discouraged by the 1,073 failures he had before inventing the electric light bulb, replied "I did not fail 1,073 times, I found 1,073 ways not to do it"

Remember, there's no failing, just learning.

(c) 2002 by Michael Southon

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