Home Buying: Important Aspects

By: Adam Coyle

In buying a home there are certain un-escapable things that will need to be seen to in order for the sale to finish properly. Some people try to shorten the closing time or save some money by skipping steps of the purchase process and nothing good ever comes of this. Leaving things out can lead to too many problems to list here, suffice to say that they are part of the process for a reason and should not be negated.One of the most common things that is overlooked is the inspection. Now sometimes it is the doing of the seller that this is skipped, there are those who want to sell but know that their home will not pass a proper inspection and so they downplay the necessity of the inspection.

Sellers like this will sometime offer incentives to those who skip the inspection. A buyer should ask themselves "What is being hidden?"

What are some of the important things that should never be overlooked? Title Insurance is a good one to remember. It may seem like an extravagance, just one more insurance bill to pay but with the title to your new home in question you may just want to make sure that the seller has free and clear title before selling the property. We have seen too many issues involving improper title and transfer thereof, getting some Title insurance is always a good step in protecting yourself.

One thing that may people don't think of is having their mortgage pre-approved. Many think that they will be accepted without issue, and if this were the case then sure you could hang on and not get the financing until it's absolutely necessary. Many are shocked when some realtors ands sellers will not even deal with them until they have been pre-approved. Sellers really don't have time to mess around while someone tries to secure funding. That is time when they could be showing the home to other prospective buyers and preparing for their own move. Having this also dictates what kind of home you will be able to afford, so there is little point in starting to shop without it.

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