The Right Time For Moving Company To Finish Moving My Furniture

By: Amy Nutt

The length of time you can expect it to take for a moving company to finish moving your furniture depends on a lot of factors. For example, the more furniture you have and the further you are moving, the longer you can expect the move itself to take. Typically, assuming the homeowners have prepared in advance, movers can pack up and load your furniture in one day or less.

For moving day to go smoothly, you should take care of all of your packing responsibilities. This will enable the movers to come in and take care of their part of your move as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the movers arrive at your home, they will have a much easier time loading your furniture and other items if you have taken care of all of your responsibilities.

If you are just moving across town, it is entirely possible that your movers will be able to completely finish moving your furniture out of your old home and in to your new one on the same day. This is possible only if things go smoothly and you don't have a very large quantity of furniture and other belongings. If you are able to get moved into your new home on the same day you leave the old one, you will save money on your moving expenses and be happy that the stress of your move is behind you.

Of course, if you are moving to another city or state, the distance which your belongings have to be transported will greatly impact the amount of time it takes to move your furniture. Be sure to read your contract with the moving company very closely. It is not unusual for moving companies to delay cross country moves until they have a full load of items to transport, which could result in delayed delivery of your furniture.

Here are some top tips to help you expedite the move and get the moving company in gear for the scheduled date of your move. They are:

&bull Make sure that everything is completely packed before the moving company arrives to take care of your move.

&bull Any loose items shouldn't be left lying around inside the house or on top of furniture. They should be placed in moving boxes.

&bull Make sure that all moving boxes are sealed airtight and labeled properly, either on the sides or on top.

&bull Any electronics that are to go with you need to be unplugged and packed into boxes.

&bull Please be certain that any furniture such as dresser drawers and nightstands are empty.

&bull Work with the moving company and the movers on all fronts and be present during the move itself.

By following these steps to make the whole move an easy transition, being prepared will save you time and money.

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