Scaffolding Guide and Choosing the Right Type

By: Adrian Adams

Before purchasing or renting a particular scaffold, you must determine the scope of the project including your particular situation, budget, and needs. You must first know what function you want your scaffold to achieve. Does your project consist of a single story building or will it have multiple levels? What is the design of the building or other structure under construction or repair? How long do you project that you will need the scaffolding? What is your estimated budget? Once you have answered these questions, you can best determine the scaffolding that is best suited for your needs within your budget.

When estimating your budget on scaffolding, make sure not to put price before safety. Skimping on price can be costly both economically and emotionally if there were to be an injury or death due to improper or faulty scaffolding. A few Internet sites that both sell and rent scaffolding have estimator tools. These tools enable you to design the scaffolding for your particular needs and project and then tell you what would be needed for your design.

Once you determine the type of scaffolding that would best meet your needs, you should then turn your attention to selection. There are stores and Internet sites that sell and rent scaffolding and others that sell both new and used scaffolding. Factory direct outlets sell only new or used products they manufacture. Other stores or Internet sites are basically dealers and sell and rent a large selection of scaffolding from numerous manufacturers. By doing some comparative shopping, you would be able to find the best deal on pricing and components for your scaffolding needs.

It is also important to review the guarantee and return policies of both manufacturers and dealers of scaffolding. Questions that should be answered are:

&bullWhat does the guarantee or warranty cover?
&bullHow will the scaffolding be repaired within the warranty period and after?
&bullWhat is the compensation awarded if something were to go wrong or faulty components sold?

If you were currently looking to acquire scaffolding for a big or small construction or repair project, knowing what type of scaffolding needed is paramount. This not only insures that your project would be completed properly with minimal hassles and difficulties, but would also insure the safety of those on the work site.

Once you have determined the particular scaffold that would best meet your needs, you could then turn your attention to pricing and selection. By taking the time to do some comparative shopping, you would not only find the best scaffolding for your project at the most reasonable price, but you could possibly ward off potential problems such as faulty components or useless or worse yet, no guarantees on the rented or purchased scaffolding.

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