Big Plans for Austin Real Estate

By: Eric Bramlett

Austin is a city that is undergoing a lot of change and development. There is a constant push to create unique and intelligently designed living spaces while maintaining a solid community base and upgrading and enhancing the community services and amenities that are required by all residents. There are some really exciting things happening in Austin that any home buyer or potential resident should be aware of as they present some great opportunities and changes to the community and services that should be of interest to all.

One such development that is ain the works is the Legacy @ Town Lake. This new high-rise is the newest addition to Austin's beautiful skyline and is offering 187 luxury units in downtown Austin. Ranging in size from a simple 650 square feet to a sprawling 2,900 square feet, units will range in rent from $1,130 to $6,930 with an average rent of approximately $2,298 per month.

This development will provide a luxury style of life for residents who want the flexibility of a lease without being tied down to a property.

Another development of interest is the airport gateway that will feature a 58 acre mixed-use complex that will serve as an entry point to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The land that has been set aside for this project includes areas for a hotel, and speculative retail, industrial and build-to-suit or user projects. This promises to be a dynamic addition to the Austin business and retail community and is being handled and developed by St. Croix Capital Corp.

These developments are all a part of the changing face of Austin. As a one of Texas's major metropolitan centers and a popular housing market, Austin has made the commitment to residents and businesses alike to maintain the excellent quality of public services and business atmosphere that has enabled Austin to develop into one of Texas's major players both residentially and economically. With an eye to the future, Austin continues to develop land with the needs of the residents and future generations in mind. As time progresses cities need to be designed more intuitively and conveniently and Austin is a good example of a city that is planning ahead.

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