Ten Great Reasons to Live in Phoenix

By: Wayne Hemrick

There are many reasons to relocate in search for better living.

If you are getting ready to move or relocate to Phoenix, Arizona, you know that a good realtor can help you in finding the right Phoenix AZ real estate to meet your needs. Many Phoenix realtors are knowledgeable about the latest Phoenix real estate listings, and can give you ten great reasons to live in Phoenix.

The first reason is that it is the state capital of Arizona. You will find this large city provides offerings that you will not find in smaller towns, as well as fabulous restaurants.

A second great reason why people love living in Phoenix is the weather. Due to its location on the northern edge of the Sonoran Dessert, Phoenix does have rather high summertime temperatures, which can often reach one hundred degrees. Winter temperatures, on the other hand, are very pleasant and mild, allowing for many outdoor activities and sports that would be impossible to perform in other areas of the country.

A third reason why Phoenix makes a great place to live is due to the sports teams that play in Phoenix. The Arizona Cardinals football team, the Diamondbacks major league baseball team, the Suns NBA team and the Mercury Women's NBA, the Coyotes ice hockey team, and the Arizona Sting lacrosse team all call Phoenix their home.

A fourth reason why Phoenicians love Phoenix is the Burton Barr Central Library, headquarters of the Phoenix Public Library. It offers five stories and nearly one million books for you to check out.

A fifth reason is that the Chase Tower, the tallest building in the entire state, is located in Phoenix. Measuring in at 483 feet tall, the private Arizona Club Restaurant is located on the 38th floor.

Phoenix has a long Native American heritage, so a sixth reason why you will love living in Phoenix is the Heard Museum, home to Native American art. It includes a full Navajo hogan, a traditional home used by the Navajo, jewelery, dolls, and more.

If you like ghosts, then the seventh reason you will want to call Phoenix your home is the Hotel San Carlos. It has also hosted President John F. Kennedy.

The eighth reason for making Phoenix your home is the Mystery Castle. Famous because it was made out of unique materials such as goat's milk, auto parts, railroad tracks and telephone poles among others, it sports a dungeon.

The ninth reason making Phoenix so well loved is the Phoenix Art Museum, which was a WPA project back in the 1930s. You can view 17,000 works of art here.

A final reason making Phoenix unique is the Wrigley Mansion, of chewing-gum fame. It is a Phoenix Point of Pride.

There are so many great reasons to move to Phoenix, so join us soon.

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