Retire Young With Real Estate

By: Mark G. Estates

There is no one in the world that wants to work a day longer than he has to. But with economic instability leaving many of us worrying about how our future and retirement will be paid for, it is ever more tempting to invest in something concrete and allow ourselves to retire young with real estate investments.

There are two main ways of making money from real estate. The first is to buy older and dilapidated properties at prices below the market value, then renovate them and sell them on at a profit. Property development can offer significant returns in the short term, and allow you to enjoy a higher standard of living, although it may initially require a lot of work and there may be a lot to learn.

The other method of earning money from real estate is to buy properties and then let them out to people and become a landlord. Provided you are able to get tenancy agreements that allow you to make a profit on any mortgage payments you have on the property that you rent out, you can buy a portfolio of real estate that will pay for itself while also providing you with a salary.

Over time, as your investments mature, rising property values along with the fact that your mortgages will be paid off by the rental income mean that when you are ready to retire, you can either sell off your entire portfolio for a lump sum to live on, or you can continue to receive the income from your tenants in lieu of a salary from a job, while allowing you to enjoy your retirement earlier than you thought possible, and in style - driving your Bentely to the Country Club for lunch and going on vacations four times a year (irst calls of course).

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