Using a Georgia Realtor

By: Austin Lansing

One of the most often-asked questions in the real estate world is "Do I need to use a realtor?" In Georgia, much like any other state the answer is: "Yes, if you want the best deal possible." Many people have tried to sell their homes themselves or purchased without the aid of a realtor. There have surely been some success stories as well, but statistics also show that a large percentage of the people that do go the buy or sell yourself route end up working with a realtor in the end. Why is this? It's simply because realtor are real estate professionals, they know their business and they know the local market and can supply services that are not attainable anywhere else.

Realtors services include several aspects of the buying and selling process that are unique to their profession. One of the most noticeable of these is the lengths they go to to market a property for sale. Perhaps the most vital tool in a realtor's arsenal is the website. A properly maintained and optimized website is an invaluable tool in this modern age of high-technology. A huge percentage of the homes sold in the U.S. are first viewed online and some are even purchased entirely online without the buyer actually visiting the home.

In finding the right home, the experience and contacts of a realtor are unmatched. Realtors have years of experience in matching people with the homes that best suit them and their financial picture. They will be able to quickly eliminate homes that do not suit your needs and wants. Once the proper home has been found, the realtors experience really starts to shine through. The complex contracts process involved with a home sale can seem like a foreign language to those who have not dealt with it before. Realtors make the contract process easy and stress-free. Let's look at it this way, would you allow a secretary to fix your car? Of course not you would take it to a mechanic. So why let a non-professional sell your home or guide your purchase?

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