Be a Careful Buyer

By: Mark Hostetler

In today's real estate industry it pays to be a careful buyer. This applies to both homes and mortgages. Typically you will have to shop for a mortgage first, so let's have a look at that. There is a huge number of different mortgage options available to consumers today. Not all of them have your best interests in mind. There are definitely some unscrupulous lenders out there so be sure to do some research on prospects. Be careful of mortgage deals that sound too good to be true. Too many people have signed up for these lending schemes only to be faced with huge payments that they did not expect. Be really careful when signing with a particular lender, always check with local organizations like the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce to make sure that your lender has a good reputation and track record.

You should be just as careful in selecting your realtor. Don't hesitate to ask for, and check references. This is the gauge of a realtor's ability and history. Also, be sure to hire a quality inspector to perform the home inspection. This is one of the most important aspects of the sale and should never be skipped. The inspection can turn up major or minor things that you as a buyer aren't aware of. If there are structural issues, plumbing problems, roof concerns, or anything else that puts the integrity of the home in question then it will turn up during the inspection. You should make sure that all of these concerns are seen to before you sign any agreements on the home, unless you are willing to fix them yourself. If this is the case then these things can likely be used as bargaining points to get you a more attractive price on the home. If you estimate the cost of fixing everything then try to get that amount taken off the price.

It is in your best interests to ensure that you are educated as best you can be when buying a home. Your realtor is a great source on information so don't be afraid to ask questions. Being a careful buyer is essential these days so don't sell yourself short. Do the necessary legwork and enjoy your new home.

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