Lofts and Condos: Living in Style in Minneapolis

By: Andy Asbury

One of the most surprising elements of today's real estate market has been the resurgence of loft condos. These open floor plan living spaces first gained popularity as artist live/work spaces and were home to a fairly eclectic group (stereotypically) Lofts lost some notoriety when the condo boom began, the abundance of new condo projects ensured that condos were the living space of choice.

But like all good things, lofts did not fade into obscurity,in fact they have made an amazing comeback and are now dominating the real estate scene in Minneapolis.

The heart and soul of the loft market in this city is the numerous old factory and warehouse conversions. These homes incorporate everything that has made the loft one of the most highly desirable homes in the nation. Exposed brick walls, concrete floors, visible ductwork and enormous windows all add a distinct feel and style to the lofts that make up the Minneapolis market.

Lofts and condos are possessed of a fantastic lifestyle as the community style buildings offer a great array of services and amenities. From health clubs/fitness spas to communal rooms and gated, secure entries; loft condos impart a lifestyle of relaxation and an atmosphere of elite style to those who choose to call them home. Lofts are also a fantastic place to really let your "designing self" run wild. The open floor plans and abundance of wall space means that you can easily bring your own theme and style to any loft. Lofts are truly a space that is open to personal interpretation and taste.

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