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Carroms : Carrom Game & Carrom Rules & Carrom Board

By: Carrom Paul

Carrom itself in various forms originates from Asia and carrom is played all over the world. This game has many names including (Indian billiards, carrum, carom, karum, or karrum). The carrom board and carrom pieces are usually made from wood although acrylic strikers and pieces are often used as well.

Carrom is becoming more and more popular and there are now carrom competitions and carrom tournaments with Big Cash Prizes and carrom clubs where you can meet other players and socialise.

If you are looking for a fun and interesting board game this is ideal whether you have ever played before or not. Carrom is now being played in clubs across the UK. Carrom and the Carrom Association UK were also recently featured on Zee TV, going out to millions of viewers worldwide

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About The Author, Carrom Paul

Carrom Paul is a carrom game promoter and has spent alot of time helping promote this board game worldwide, organising competitions, tournaments, clubs and other meeting places. This article may be used as long as the authors information is left intact. So try Carrom or find your more information from Carrom Shop - The best online Carrom resource.

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