The New Building India

By: Ethane Shields

Real estate market in India is thought to be one of the most stable markets. It will not be an exaggeration to say that by any standard it is the most stable. Barring a crash in mid-nineties when properties fell to as low as 50% of their previously prevalent prices the appreciation of the capital parked in property is a sure shot. Did the demand suddenly dry up? One wondered.

In a fast developing economy like India where housing is too short to meet up the need there will always be houses for sale India unlike homes for sale in the developed West where supply exceeds the demand. As the current trend would have it the building mania has virtually taken over the Indian housing scene. As middle class in India prospers and banks come forward to meet up the aspirations the demand for housing is unprecedented.

Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) is the hub of the building activity. The buck in housing begins here and the spread out across all the directions is breakneck.
It all started with Gurgaon. It was a non-descript place when a couple of builders of repute moved during early eighties. They had had a foresight and now they are reaping the benefits. No common man would have imagined that the capital of India had to spill over beyond its frontiers and even farther away.

The builders of yore had started with plotted housing as flats in India or apartment culture had not set in. But all that has changed. Now the culture is very well entrenched into not only NCR real estate market but even hundreds of kilometers away.

Thus national highways originating from Delhi are the feverish centres of building activity. This is followed by the areas flanking the new and upcoming expressways, which are attracting builders and real estate activity like never before.

The north, the west and the south of India have come under building spell. The east is relatively untouched but will soon follow the suit

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