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Five Principles for Prosperity

By: Michael Levy

Many years ago, forty to be exact, I started my own business at the tender age of nineteen. The street markets in and around Manchester England was my happy hunting ground. Every day was an adventure and despite the weather and difficulties of getting a stall on the street market, life was always fun and enjoyable. There was always some comical incident, even when I had to stand in the pouring rain, with no customers in sight. And if there was no amusing event to focus on I created one and made other people laugh.

Within a few years my business progressed and I opened a wholesale textile company. I went on to become a very successful businessman not only making money in my original business, but also in commercial property and the stock market. I retired from the business world at forty-six years of age.

After a six year, time-out period, so that I could understand why I was successful with no effort, I reinvented myself and became an author, poet, philosopher, motivational/inspirational/financial speaker, radio show host, director, producer and many other labels, within the past five years. How was all this achieved with not a mention of the word 'work' in my vocabulary? Well, you see, I just enjoy everything I am doing and if it is enjoyable, how can I class it as work?

When I read the headlines in the newspapers describing the corruption and scandals in large and small corporations I wonder why the executives had to lie and cheat to earn money. It is far easier and less risky to make money the honest way, so why do people do things the hard way and end up in disgrace?

  • What makes some people believe they need a billion dollars to be happy?
  • Why has greed become so fashionable?
  • Why in many instances do we seem to treat our fellow human worse than a wild dog? Our animal instincts, although contained in a civilized package, can be savage and uncaring, especially in the business world. It has literally become Dog-eat-Dog.

In life there is always an easy way and a hard way to do everything so I would like to share with you five principals of business that cannot fail.

As we climb the ladder of success there are many other folks on higher rungs who may try to kick us down. There are also those who have not got on the first rung yet who will try and pull us down. So how do we cope in a modern day world of hungry hounds eager to get their hands on as much money as possible any way they can?

Levy's Five Principals for Prosperity

Principal Number One : Enjoyment
We should understand the world does not owe us a living. We will succeed or fail by the amount of joy we have for the project. The most important ingredients are enthusiasm and commitment for the job in hand. We have to understand that very few things will go in the direction we desire and the more we practice our skills, the luckier we will become. We manufacture our own luck and to recognizing opportunities is the key to success. Every viewpoint, in every business day, has to be explored. Never say no to anything until we have examined every possibility and outcome. Even if we find that it is not what we desire, we leave the door open for future development. If we are only interested in what we can get out of any action of the moment, we are doomed for failure.

Principal Number Two : Giving
A key ingredient in a successful venture is giving rather than taking. In other words give the best and you will receive the best. If you do not have the ability to give the best, keep on trying different approaches until you can give the best. Whatever you give you will get back in abundance. There are those who have achieved money and status by devious means. They may have all the trappings of the luxury lifestyle, but they do not possess the clear mind to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Therefore, they are not a success to themselves. All the stress and strains of cheating will one day manifest into an illness. You can mislead other people but you cannot lie to your immune system. So, it pays big dividends to give others a helping hand up the ladder of success.

Principal Number Three : Overcome Adversity
Enjoy the failures more than the successes. Each lesson learnt, is a lesson gained. Just don't keep making the same mistakes. Negative people are our stepping stones to wealth. The more they tell us it can't be done, the more energy they give us to get the job done successfully. Adversities are sent to test our resolve. Become a good hurdler and learn how to jump over them.

If we require an answer to a difficult problem we need to solve, we ask any questions we need, a few minutes before we go to sleep.The next morning on awakening we might get an idea that solves the issue. Ask the question every night until the matter resolves itself.

Principal Number Four : Debt free
It is far better to learn walk to before we try to run. We must not pile up too much debt. If we cannot afford something then we work a little harder and longer until we have the funds to expand. Being debt free makes for peaceful sleep. Being under pressure to pay bills is no way to live. Our purpose is to enjoy life and our labor must be a labor of love without demands.

Principal Number Five : Enjoy Endurance
Remember the three P's Patients Persistence, Perseverance. If we trust in our ‘True Self' then we cannot fail. As long as we are enjoying our business activities in the same way as we enjoy our leisure, success is assured. If it takes a few years more than we thought to achieve our goal, then so much the better, because we have more time to gain extra experience.... It will allow for more time for you to exhibit to people that you are trustworthy and reliable. Integrity cannot be bought, therefore once you gain credibility, everything else you do eases into place.

We are constantly entering new areas of High-Technology. Business today needs new innovation and leadership to succeed. New dimensions of thought are needed for success. Therefore, it is more important then ever to practise the five principles of prosperity.

You will also need to understand how to overcome and eliminate worry and anxiety. It is essential to find inner peace and harmony to relieve the burdens of stress.

By allowing our minds the freedom of silence that transcends to higher dimensions, we will find infinite possibilities. Our potential for success is only limited by what we think we know. That type of limitation can cause great pressure, and we must learn to be detached from events we cannot control.

It is never too late in life to explore your creative side.

Even when we retire from our occupation, we must never retire from life. The secret to retirement is to keep an active mind. I have a friend aged eighty-seven who still enjoys working as a realtor selling apartments. He tells me it makes him feel like a young pup. There are many hobbies we can enjoy and maybe they will make money? Regular exercise will keep us healthy and it also keeps the sex drive in gear. Aging signifies, life is still a joyride to an active mind.

Are you now ready to accept success?

Just one other point......It is important to note that we will never actual own anything. We are essentially renting space and time, so our success should not be measured by our bank balance. We live in a materialistic world and to become truly prosperous we need to ascertain this is not just measured in monetary terms.

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