Cell Phone Abuse. Are You A Victim?

By: Andrew Lawrence

Like millions of others, you may be the victim of cell phone abuse. What is cell phone abuse? Let's say you're in a public place trying to concentrate on something or having a face-to-face conversation or just enjoying a peaceful moment when a stranger 5-10 feet away starts talking on his or her cell phone. If, as a result, your concentration is broken or your conversation is interrupted or your peaceful moment ruined or you are otherwise disturbed, then consider yourself the victim of cell phone abuse.

Making or receiving one or two short calls in public among strangers is okay but extensive cell phone use or long cell phone chats which disturb other people is an invasion of privacy. It's inconsiderate, it's annoying, it's discourteous.

And worse, it's abuse.

And if the victim of cell phone abuse politely (or rudely) interrupts the abuser (as they talk on and on) and asks them kindly to take their cell phone elsewhere, or kindly be quiet; it's disturbing, the victim is all too often met with a perplexing look or even more abuse, as in 'what's YOUR problem, I'm on the phone here!' Sure.

Right. Every cell phone call is important and meaningful; so important and meaningful that people expose it to total strangers in public! Pul-eese.

Symptoms of Cell Phone Abuse -

while in the immediate vicinity of strangers using their cell phone common symptons may include:

  • inability to concentrate on what you are doing
  • mild or severe irritability or annoyance
  • sensitivity to stupid or loud ring tones
  • initially thinking the cell phone user is actually talking to YOU
  • wishing they would hurry up and finish the call
  • wishing they would leave
  • wishing their cell phone battery would die

Cell phone abuse is a worldwide epidemic which is now affecting millions of men, women and children, with no relief in sight.

To the victims of cell phone abuse we say; we feel your pain and, though it's difficult, you will survive this horrible public abuse.

To the cell phone abusers we say ... try a little cell phone courtesy ... and do not burden or abuse others with your pseudo social and/or business self-importance. Or, at least, if you are in public and there are strangers around, keep your cell phone calls interesting ... and short. On behalf of the millions of us who suffer cell phone abuse every day, we thank you.

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