How to Start a Fling with Someone

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Casual Fling can be such a pleasure.
It is fabulous to have someone you can call at 2am or even on your lunch hour when you need immediate gratification. 

Multiple Flings in a Group!
I have a girlfriend who is sexually active with three different guy friends. She flings with one of them but he is just interested in the making love. Her fling partner is really into her bestfriend and neither one of them know about it. Yes, multiple flings can be awesome. Just make sure you have enough energy to last!

How to Start a Fling with Someone
Before you start a fling, follow these 7 guidelines. Especially if you are having a fling with a friends ex lover. It can save you from isolation and protect rifts between friendships. 

  • 1. Set ground rules.
    The rules are there to ensure that a fling remains a casual entanglement. Quickie, Pounding but no feelings.

  • 2. Get an appropriate partner.
    A fling does not have to be marriage material. This person can just be someone you can have fun with for the time being.
  • 3. Its only a Fling. Dont expect more.
    Should your fling partner suggest that he or she wants something more, remind them of rule number 1. 
  • 4. No Introduction to family members
    Do not introduce your fling to your family and close friends. Your fling is just a passing fancy between both of you.
  • 5. No gifts.
    Dont buy expensive gifts especially if you are having an affair. Gifts can encourage affection towards one another. And you dont want your spouse to see these items on your credit card statements.
  • 6. Know when to leave.
    When you and your fling always find yourself disagreeing over little things; fighting instead of enjoying each other’s company; or worse, your attention has been caught by someone else, it’s time to move on.

Where to Look for Fling Partners?
Try new venues, grand openings, meeting people at the gym or at that trendy new restaurant. Use dating apps. You should be able to find compatible and yummy new companions in the dating scene of singles and singlets. Go for a single cruise. 

Now, we are not saying that you should go ahead and have crazy head pounding love making with every new person you meet. There is so much diversity and wonderful new people to experience everyday in the big city. Get out there and create new social groups, meet more people and dare the world to stop you.

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