Finding Your Niche

By: Sue and Chuck DeFiore

Have you found your niche?

If you really want to find out, you need to answer the following questions:

1. Is your business the only one of its kind in town?

2. Do people consider your service first and price later?

3. How can prospective customers tell you apart from the masses of businesses in similar fields?

4. Who are your target clients?

5. Who aren't your target clients?

6. Do you turn down certain kinds of business if it falls outside your niche?

7. What do clients think you stand for?

8. Is your niche in a constant state of evolution?


Does your niche offer what prospective customers want?

10. Do you have a plan and delivery system that effectively conveys the need for your niche's services to the right market?

11. Can you confidently predict the life cycle of your niche?

12. How can your niche be expanded into a variety of products or services that act as profit centers?

13. Do you have a sense of passion and focused energy with respect to your niche?

14. Does your niche feel comfortable and natural?

15. How will pursuing your niche contribute to achieving the goals you have set for your business?

If you can't answer these questions, you probably haven't found the right niche for your business. So what do you do?

Stop looking! Good niches are never found—they're created, then matched carefully with a grateful audience.

If you want an excellent niche market, try the creative real estate niche of lease purchasing. It allows you to answer all of the above questions.

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