Life Issues Pt.2 - Against All Odds

By: Nicholas Dixon

Against all odds. I think that should be the motto of every person that is striving to be successful.The "odds" can be almost be anything : a lack of money , a lack of experience , a lack of self esteem and the list goes on and on.But to become successful , one has to over everyone of them and anything negative that comes your way.

You may have a dream that you "know' will come through , but as soon as you tell a love one it is immediately shot down.What do you do ? Go against the odds.You are building a business but there are still no visible signs of success , what do you do ? Give up or rise against the odds, you choose.You are in a long term relationship but suddenly things look shaky , what do you do ? Give up all you have achieved or go against the odds ? Again you choose.

Persistence.Anyone who has been successful in life has that weapon in their "success arsenal".When the odds are weighing against you heavily , a dose of persistence will see you through.Persistence is the stuff dreamers and achievers are made of , and it will help you overcome any obstacle on your journey to success.My friends , apply this remedy to your life's situations and you will realise that it was really worth it - going against all odds.

To your success and mine ,


©2003 Nicholas Dixon

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