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Submitting Your Website

By: Matt Colyer

Now that your site is built properly, it is time to submit it to be indexed. One common approach is the use of automated submission software, which is not a good idea and instead I suggest performing manual submissions. Below are links to the major search engines that you should submit to. It could take anywhere from one to six weeks before you get indexed, but if you trade links with other sites it will speed it up. You can join to trade links with other webmasters for free.


Altavista is now owned by Yahoo and the add URL page is down for now.

The Open Directory Project (DMOZ)

You will have to find a category that's related to your site to submit. It can take a long time before you get in the DMOZ, but when you do it's well wroth the wait.


Alltheweb is now by Yahoo and the add URL page is down for now.


Google is the most powerful search engine out there because so many other search engine use Google's index like AOL.


MSN uses Yahoo's index, so you might want to skip this and go to Yahoos.


Yahoo now has it's own index, but it is an other powerful search engine because like Google they provide there index to other search engines.

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