Summer Traveller Checklist

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(NC)-If you're going to hit the road this summer, it pays to plan ahead. Long trips by car can be exhausting if you don't take precautions. St. John Ambulance, Canada's leader in safety-orientedâ„¢ first aid training and high quality products, offers this Traveller's Checklist to help ensure you get there safely.

Is your vehicle up to the journey?


  • Tires and air pressure;
  • Fluid levels;
  • Lights and turn signals;
  • Motor operation, cooling and exhaust systems.


  • Inflated spare tire;
  • Extra oil, radiator fluid, windshield spray;
  • Roadside assistance kit (including flares, jack, tire wrench, etc.)
  • First aid kit

Are you (and your passengers) ready to roll?


  • Is there a functioning seatbelt for each passenger to use?
  • Are small children secured in safety seats?
  • Are mirrors adjusted for the driver?
  • Are there obstructions on the dash, deck or windows that could obscure the driver's line of sight?


  • Water or other non-alcoholic liquid refreshment.

  • Nutritious snacks.
  • Blankets and pillows (especially for long trips).
  • Facial tissues or sanitary wipes.
  • Maps with your route clearly marked (if you plan to travel unknown roads).
  • Cellular phone or other communication device.
  • Items to quietly occupy the interest of young passengers while not disturbing the driver's concentration.

For more than 118 years, St. John Ambulance has been helping Canadians prevent injury and reduce suffering through state-of-the-art first aid training and products. By learning what to do in an emergency, you can take to the road with extra confidence. For more information on St. John Ambulance programs and high-quality products, call the branch nearest you or look us up on the Internet at

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