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Indonesia » Bali » Tourist Guide » District Guide » Badung » Seminyak
by: Celestine

This place is full of European tourists. It is only about a 10-minute drive from Kuta. Here, fancy restaurants and boutiques line the way followed by more fine dining restaurants and bars. Seminyak is famous for its hip and stylish people combined with chic shopping and dining all intertwined with the rich Balinese culture. Many houses were modified into villas by the locals, and this is where most of the expatriates live. They prefer this place because it’s not too far from the Kuta area, but much less crowded. The first luxurious hotel which was built here was the Oberoi Hotel, located at the Oberoi road (also known Laksmana road) then the one and only hotel in the nearby area. That was in 1978. Now, hotels and private villas pop up everywhere unnoticed giving those that choose Seminyak to stay more choices in accommodation. Soon enough, the first-class spas and hip nightclubs were added to the place, giving even more pleasure to the chill and party people.

  • Beach
    One of the greatest pleasures of Seminyak is of course the beaches. The most popular beach here is 66 beach for its great ambience and breathtaking sunset. You can watch the sunset here. Play football or volleyball. Sit at the bench under the beach umbrella, sip your martinis ordered from the nearby cafe.  You can embark in endless conversation with friends or even someone you bumped into at the beach. Yes, the friendliness of Balinese is contagious. Here at 66 beach, I loved spending my time at the cafĂ© with my wood-fired pizza’s margarita, watching the expats walk their dogs during the day. When night falls, loud hiphop and top 40s music can be heard from the famous lounges and clubs in the vicinity. They are Dejavu, 66 Club and Paparazzi.

  • Oberoi Road (also known as Laksmana Road)
    Drive a little further from the 66 turn and you will find Oberoi road, another hip and funky place for you to visit. Fancy dining spots stretches all along the road, along with world class boutiques and exquisite galleries, fun, glamourous places where you will have to think twice about what to wear for that day.

  • Gay Scene
    Seminyak is also famous for its gay people, and Dhyanapura is the place for all the excitement. Most of the bars along Dhyanapura road provide drag queen shows on the weekends which is interesting enough for everyone, sexual preference notwithstanding. For instance, Kwin bar, Kudos and Q bar all put up such performances for the entertainment of their customers.