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Canadian Auto Workers Union Getting Desperate
by Evander Klum. Canadian Auto Workers are taking things into their own hands after implementing what they called the Buy Domestic and Manufacturing Matter campaign. The Local 222 which represents the workers at the GM plants in Canada is asking employees that are n...
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Factors That Will Make Your Car Last As Long As Possible
by Gregg Hall. Sports cars are very important and sometimes their drivers are very close to them. They might love them so much that they go out and find something to prolong their lives and to make their car run for as long as possible. There are a number of thing...
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Choosing A Quality Body Shop For Your Auto Repair
by Gregg Hall. Although your sports car may take scratches and beatings, accidents sometimes happen. When they happen, the car owner must decide where to take it for body repair. Finding a reliable quality body shop you can trust is a good idea. You always want t...
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Environmental Car Care Tips
by statracing. (ARA)- Drivers, why not make every day Earth Day?According to officials with the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), motorists can help the environment and their own finances by changing a few habits. This may come...
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Car Mechanic Scams - Common Rip-Offs To Spot
by Matthew Hick. Getting a quality job on a car repair isn't always easy. Unless you've found a mechanic that you can trust, it may seem as if they're all out to get you - and your wallet. Avoid some of these common mechanic rip-offs the next time you take your car ...
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DIY Car Repair and Troubleshooting
by Mark Gittelman. DIY Car Repair and Troubleshooting by: Mark Gittelman In most cases, when I guess or even take an educated guess, I pay the price. Even though m
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Repair Your Bad Credit First, Buy Your Car Later
by Keith Londrie. Bad credit spoils everything your dreams for a new house, new car, student loan, any kind of loan. If you have fallen into the debt trap, the best thing to do is to repair your bad credit first and to go shopping later.Many people will not follow th...
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California Students Wins Auto Repair Contest
by Mike Bartley. To attract high school students to pursue a career in the auto industry, Ford and the American Automobile Association (AAA) teamed up to stage a contest to find out the best student high school students in auto repair. Called the Ford/AAA Student A...
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Jt8d Parts and Repairs Oemro(tm) Agreement Signed by Aerothrust
by Rain Stockton. AeroThrust signed a $100 million Global Service Partners (GSP) part replacement and repair agreement with Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies Corp. company. The five-year agreement states that Pratt & Whitney will provide JT8D turbine airfoil rep...
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Auto Repair Estimates And Car Repair Prices
by Theodore Olson. Worrying whether or not you were overcharged for your car repair is an awful feeling. There's tons of advice on how to avoid getting ripped-off, but few discuss the actual car repair prices. We really need to look at the charges on a car repair esti...
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Pros And Cons Of Repairing Your Own Vehicle
by Adrian Adams. Having reliable transportation is something that is important of you lead a busy lifestyle. Having your vehicle repaired by a professional can take time and plenty of money from your budget. There are some pros and cons to repairing your own vehicle...
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Do it yourself Auto Body Repair- Its Easier Than you Think
by Levi Quinn. Everyone has done it. You back into a pole, rear end a stray shopping cart or drop a heavy object on the trunk lid. The result is an ugly dent or a scraped finish. Turning in small damage claims to your insurance can be costly and if you have got...
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Right Collision Repairs Severely Needed
by Kraig Johanssen. Say your Mazda car experienced a collision and your Mazda body kits were damaged, what is the remedy that comes to your mind? To look for a collision repair shop, right? But the question is: How do you choose the...
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Auto Repairs to Prevent Road Accidents
by Dwyane Thomas. Every year, the US always has a huge number of cases of road accidents that cause death of many people. Poor auto maintenance is the pointed reason on this matter. As the most popular and common means of transportation, cars need to be properly chec...
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Safety During While Repairing, Maintaining your Car
by Dwyane Thomas. Safety while driving your Mercedes Benz car is as important as safety while doing its maintenance. Reviewing your Mercedes repair manual is the first thing to do before doing any repair or maintenance. T...
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Looking for the Right Repair Shop?
by Dwyane Thomas. For car owners, auto repair shops are necessary. Finding the right one will surely help in incurring less repair expenses. To avoid rush and immediately repair the damaged auto part, look for the right repair shop before your car experience any inco...
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ms. Goodwrench Shakes Up Warrens National Auto Repair Contest
by Lauren Woods. Katy Younglove, a.k.a. Ms. Goodwrench, the first ever female to compete in the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Competition in Warren, along with her teammate, came in third in the auto repair contest. Her partner on the team was classmate Craig Suydam ...
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Car Repair Prices And Auto Repair Estimates
by Theodore Olson. If you were handed an estimate to replace a water pump on your car, would you know if the price was fair? Could you trust the price? How about for a tie rod end, mass air flow sensor, or an evaporative emissions sensor? Most of us don't know what th...
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Understanding Warranties on Auto Glass Repair
by David Warren. Whenever you have new glass installed in your motor vehicle from an approved glass company, you will have a warranty of some sort for the windshield repair. There are complete warranties and limited warranties available on most installations. Most ...
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Auto Glass Repair Competitive in Houston
by David Warren. Nothing is worse than having a broken windshield or glass in your automobile. It is very ugly and very unsafe. When you are in need of auto glass repair, the first place that you may look is in the yellow pages. When you look in the yellow pages, yo...
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Auto Shop Safety
by Cooper Miller. In today's auto shop there are many potential hazards to the fragile human body. In order to have a safe and productive work environment, there are simple steps that need to be taken in order to insure the physical safety of everyone in your automot...
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Do It Yourself Car Repair
by Craig Rad. If you are experiencing problems with your car, it is highly recommended to take it to a specialist. This article speaks about some basic information about car parts. If somehow you think you are good at fixing cars, just take a look and write down ...
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What to Look For In an Auto Body Repair Shop
by Terry Fitzroy. It's unfortunate but every day of the week all around the world auto accidents occur and they do occur few are prepared for the costly repairs that result. To make sure that you are getting quality repairs for the best price here's what to look for ...
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Collision Repair Centre Etiquette - Will you be Ready?
by Leaftech. Crash!! How can you be prepared for a vehicle accident? Perhaps your reaction time was just a little too slow, or the weather conditions really did mean slow down. Well, now what? Vehicle collision is an everyday, worldwide occurrence. When auto...
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Is There Such a Thing as a Trustworthy Mechanic?
by Paige Filler. Is There Such a Thing as a Trustworthy Mechanic? by: Paige Filler At some point everyone needs a mechanic for their car, and it's hard to find a
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