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Prepare Young Drivers For Safe Winter Travel
Topic : Safe Winter Driving : Winter Driving Safety & Safely
by News Canada. (NC)—Many young drivers will venture onto the roads this winter season, some for the first time. In fact, there are almost 3 million drivers in Canada between the ages of 16 and 24.2 That's why it's ...
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Did You Mount Your Cold Weather Tires Yet?
Topic : Cold Weather Tyre : Cold Weather Tyres & Winter Tyre
by News Canada. (NC)—Every year there is this dilemma: should you mount winter tires or should you stay with your all season tires? We always question is it going to snow a lot or is it just going to be cold and wil...
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Synthetics Best For Winter Stress
Topic : Best Winter Tyre : Best Winter Tyres & Winter Tyres
by News Canada. (NC)—You're sound asleep. Absolutely dead to the world. Suddenly, a huge person bursts in, drags you out of bed, throws you out the window into a snow bank and screams at you to start doing push-ups....
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Winter Tire Myths Revealed
Topic : Winter Performance Tyres : Winter Performance Tyre
by News Canada. (NC) —True or false – your vehicle is only as good as the tires it sits on? While you may have your own opinion on this, Michelin believes that tires are an essential part of your vehicle's safety, h...
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Avoid Getting Stranded This Winter
Topic : Winter Driving Tips : Winter Driving Tip & Snow Driving Tips
by News Canada. (NC)—You can never take winter driving conditions for granted. Take for example the Minnesota man who, in January 2001, drove a few kilometres to the grocery store and ended up getting stranded in a ...
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Young Drivers Need Winter Practice
Topic : Training Winter Driver : Training Winter Drivers & Snow Driver
by News Canada. (NC)—One of the more nerve-wrecking experiences of parenthood occurs when your teenager first earns his or her license to drive. While many parts of Canada have ensured that new drivers be accompanie...
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Preparing Your Snowplow
by teahupoo. Every season when you take your snowplow out of storage you should follow these guidelines to prepare your plow for the upcoming winter.First off, you should be intimately familiar with every component of your snowplow; this will save you a lot of ag...
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Tips for Winter Driving
by dmaillie. Winter driving can be hazardous and stressful. Wind, snow, ice and blizzard conditions increase the normal dangers of driving. There is a lot you can do before the winter driving season and during a storm to protect yourself and your family.Before wi...
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Preparing Your Car for Winter Driving
by Vincent P Platania. Maintaining your car is important, no matter what time of year it is. Many people do not realize how much stress that the cold winter weather can put on your car’s drivetrain. There are three main areas cold weather affects your vehicle. Y...
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Peugeot Joins Alms Sebring Winter Test
. Peugeot Sport is one of the ten manufacturers who have signed up for the fourth annual American Le Mans Series Winter Test scheduled from January 28 to 30 at the Sebring International Raceway. The manufacturer will be joining test regulars such as A...
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Winter Outdoor Shopping For Automotive Essentials
by James Brown. Winter can pose many hazards to people that must leave the confines of home and venture out into icy conditions on roadways and into cold weather temperatures that could make shopping almost impossible. To make winter outdoors shopping more bearable...
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Winter Driving Hazards And Cautions
by L Quinn. It's that time of year again, when temperatures drop and ice and snow become the norm. Here are some of the most common winter driving hazards and cautions with tips on how to avoid or prepare for them.Be PreparedBefore winter is in full swing, it's...
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Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter
by Levi Quinn. Depending on where you live, getting your car ready for winter may be a matter of chaining up your tires or simply flicking on the heater. There are some basic tips in terms of preparing your vehicle for winter that can help in most conditions, howe...
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Motorhome Hire During This Winter
by Allan. The unparalleled comfort and freedom that motorhomes give has shot up the popularity of motorhome hire in UK within a short time span. And with the winters setting in and paving the way for Christmas and the subsequent big vacations, it is the seaso...
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Campervan Hire - be Wise This Winter
by Allan. Winter is the time of self reflection and soul searching. And when the winter is upon the heels of the fall, can we resist ourselves to make those wonderful plans of the vacations? No! Certainly not! Rather, go ahead and book for your trip to variou...
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Nada Names Cars Fit for the Winter Season
by Anthony Fontanelle. As the winter season draws nearer, car owners will be facing the hazards and inconveniences that the season brings. NADAguides.com recently offered a helping hand to consumers looking for a new car to buy ahead of the winter season. The company pro...
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Getting Your Car Ready For The Winter Season
by Scott Conklin. With the winter season quickly approaching, and with October being National Car Care month, the time to get your vehicle ready for the cold months will be upon us before we know it. With every vehicle there are numerous things to keep in mind when w...
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The Correct Tires For Driving In The Harsh Conditions Of Winter
by Gregg Hall. One of the most important decisions that you will have your life time is choosing what type of tires to buy for your automobile. The most important time when choosing tires is in the winter. Many places now days it snows and have ice on the road way...
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Preparing Your Car for the Winter Months
by Michael Murray. When extreme cold, icy roads, and heavy snowfall come with winter, the best-prepared driver is one able to better navigate the road and keep their vehicle in top-notch condition. Usually, autumn is the best time to get your car ready for driving in ...
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Car Safety Tips for Winter Driving
by Michael Murray. With ice, sleet, snow, and poor visibility, maneuvering a car in the wintertime can pose a mighty dilemma for many, as driving conditions only worsen with drastic weather changes. In order to increase the safety of you and your passengers, it is imp...
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How To Buy Winter Motorcycle Gloves
by James Gunaseelan. If you've been out riding on the streets on a cold winter night, you will know why no rider should venture out without gloves. They protect your fingers, which can otherwise grow numb making it very difficult for you to control the bike. However, it...
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Cadillac Bls Bags Winter Car 2007 Award
by Noah Scott. Recently at the 77th Salon International de l'Auto Geneve (77th annual Geneva International Motor Show), Tekniikan Maailma magazine, one of the leading automotive publications in Finland named the 2007 Cadillac BLS 4-door compact sedan as the recipi...
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Winterkorn to Create an Audi Out of Volkswagen
by Benjamin Hudson. From the very first day that Martin Winterkorn became the new Chief Executive of Volkswagen AG he has made it clear that he means business. And just last month, he has ordered the scrapping of the scheduled preview of the new Passat in Germany's cap...
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Winter Driving Tips
by Joe Thompson. Winter is harsh on motorists and vehicles. To make it a bit easier for drivers to drive through cold conditions, the Automobile Club of Southern California advises motorists to take extra precautions and make sure their vehicles are prepared for col...
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Tire Inflation Goes Down This Winter Season
by Tom Bailey. Some people love the hot and humid weather of summer. Others long for the freshness of spring. Some are autumn people. Another portion may be winter and cold weather lovers. And with winter slamming itself up so greatly this time, it is very much im...
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