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Black & White Photography
Topic : Black & White Photography : Non Color Photos & No Color Photo
by Jakob Jelling. Photography is a diversified field of creating a spectral variety of art. It is a specialization that deals with different experimentations with colors, however it is also a fact that only shades of ...
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Humor Under The Keyboards
by Ismael D. Tabije. For me, the piano is the symbol of what is stiff, proper and elegant. It doesn’t have faults, it is perfect. Pianists are the most perfectionist people in the world. They should not and can not make ...
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Monaco Yachts
by Laura Ciocan. Sea and rich people: where else to find a better combination than in Monaco! A real yacht parade can be admired throughout the year in the Hercule Port besides the local yearly yachting events. From ...
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3-Pointer: Nov 9
by Gary Whittaker. 1st Point - When victims attack! Let me see if I understand this. The accuser in Kobe Bryant's alleged rape assault, who was allegedly so traumatized by the event that she could have sex again within...
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The Ubiquitous Woolly Bugger
by Cameron Larsen. The ubiquitous Woolly Bugger, never quite spelled correctly to my eyes, appeals to the eyes of every gamefish imaginable. If I had one pattern to fish the rest of my life, no matter what the fish, no...
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Do Fish See in Color
by Cameron Larsen. Fish do indeed perceive color. Every fly fisher knows that or ought to know that. Like humans, the retina of a fish have rods and cones. Cones are used in the day and rods at night. Color vision evol...
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Great Falls Montana skateboard park grand opening event
by Adam Longnecker. It was Friday night in Great Falls, Montana, and I was on my way to pick up Josh Evin and Ben Krahn at the airport. Josh and Ben had come to skate under the Big Sky at the new 25,000 square foot par...
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One for Ten Cabin Fever in Haines Alaska
by Adam Longnecker. Mountains, massive piles of rock and earth shaped by glaciers, erosion, and weather; can conjure feelings of awe, enlightenment and fear in people. For millions of years weather systems have shed sof...
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Soccer Live Betting
Topic : Soccer Live Betting & Soccer Betting : Betting For Soccer
by Winder Liao. Live betting is one of the main sources of income for the bookmaker why? Well before the match starts there is always large publicity about the coming fixtures for Live matches. They are often 2 stro...
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Gambling Interesting Facts
Topic : Gambling Interesting Facts & Facts About Gambling : Gambling Interesting Fact
by Winder Liao. Soccerbetting Is there such thing as "kangtao" or surewin tips? I have seen alot of people debating over the issues of this "kangtao" or surewin tips. In actual fact there"IS" however very few. But ...
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Guide To Be A Successful Soccerpunter
by Winder Liao. Why becomes a soccer bettor one may ask? Where it is considered a negative occupation where it is often regarded as non productive, immoral behaviour. Well as for every other thing everything there i...
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Sports Views for November
Topic : Sportview & Sportviews : Views From Sports
by Leigh Douglas. Baseball season is finally over. Would anyone really complain if they cut about 12 games off the season (is 150 not enough?). Now at least we wont have to hear about the curse, now we just have to ta...
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2004-05 NBA Season Preview
by Leigh Douglas. If there was one single theme to this off-season for the NBA it was ‘change’ not only was there quite a bit of significant player movement, but the league itself underwent a makeover of sorts, finall...
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Organize a Cat Skiing Trip, Ski at a Discount
by Lachlan Brown. What’s better than backcountry powder shared with a couple of good friends? What beats chasing your buddies through the trees, sharing great lines on open slopes and watching your mates “pop” off bum...
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Becoming A Better Athlete
by Luke Lowrey. With the 2004-05 NBA season underway, there's not a more suitable time to explore what it takes to emmulate the high-flying antics of our favorite NBA stars. If you ask any young basketballer around ...
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How to Clean Your Civil War Uniform
Topic : Civil War & Civil Wars : War Uniform & Uniform For War
by Paula and Coach McCoach. How necessary is cleaning your Civil War Uniform? The every day Confederate or Union soldier’s uniform was actually never made to be washed. They wore out so fast that many of them were never cleaned...
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Play Euro Millions or the UK Lotto in a Syndicate
Topic : Lotto Lottery & Syndicate Lottery : Lottery Millions & Lotto Number
by Gino Harteel. Want To have Your Jackpot Dreams Come True? They can! With up to 3,600% greater chance of scooping a big win when conveniently playing online with us in two of the world's richest lotteries: the UK N...
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3-Pointer by Gary Whittaker
by Gary Whittaker. 1 - Red Sox World Series win anti-climatic Yawn.... apparently, sometime between Boston's history making series comeback victory over the Yankees, and me falling asleep in front of the television, th...
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Bingo – It’s Birth and Beginning
Topic : Bingo & Bingo Game : Bingo Games & Play Bingo
by John C. Thorenssen. The true origin of bingo dates back as far as the mid 16th century and is connected, strangely enough to the unification of Italy in 1530. This unification saw the introduction of a National lottery ...
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Bingo – Good for the Mind?
Topic : Online Bingo & Game For The Mind : Mind Game & Playing Bingo
by John C. Thorenssen. When we think of bingo, genius and brainpower don’t always spring to mind; these attributes have tended to be reserved for poker and other games of skill and luck. The image of a grandparent sitting ...
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Stay Young- Play Bingo!
Topic : Bingo Playing & Staying Young : On Line Bingo
by John C. Thorenssen. Exercise, intellectual stimulation, surgery, meditation or detox – you name it, we love it. Let’s face it, we live in a society obsessed with staying young. So, when you mention to someone that bingo...
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The Bingo Renaissance
Topic : How To Play Bingo : Bugle Bingo, Scotland Bingo & Three Eyed Bingo
by John C. Thorenssen. Little old ladies in slippers, playing for pennies and cents in a converted community hall is no longer the reality of bingo. The game has in recent years and now more than ever undergone a rebirth i...
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The Dangers of Bingo
Topic : Mecca Bingo & Get Minted Bingo : Getminted Bingo & Bingo Palace
by John C. Thorenssen. Let’s face it; bingo is hardly going to arouse a thrill-seeker into taking it up in attraction to its high risk stakes. Over sixties, playing bingo in a community hall does not seem to register with ...
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Blind Skiers See the Light
by Stephen Michael Kerr. About three hours west of Denver lies Snow Mountain Ranch, one of the top cross-country ski centers in the United States. Known as the "YMCA of the Rockies", it boasts a large ski chalet and over 90...
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Success Doesnt Always Come Easy
by Dave Cole. On a raw, cold day in the European Alps, Lance Armstrong steered his bike into the sleeting snow, then stopped. His partner riding in the car behind him urged Lance to give it up for the day and retu...
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