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5 Easy Steps to Giving the Perfect BackCountry Gift
by Chuck Fitzgerald. Does the thought of buying a gift for a friend or relative make you smile or does it stress you out? Is there a hiker or camper on your gift giving list? What can you give to the someone who already ...
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The Fine Print Behind Online Gambling Bonus Offers
Topic : Online Gambling & On Line Gamling : Gambling Online & Bonus Offer
by Mike Hellmer. If you have never opened an account with an online casino, poker room, or sports book you may be wondering if the bonus offers are legitimate. We are all aware of the wisdom in the sayings, “If an of...
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Experience New Realities
by Jesse S. Somer. The Internet and Tom Robbins are both windows into new realities, realities that are prone to incite laughter and ludicrous behaviorisms. These days I go on to the Internet not having any clue as to ...
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3 - Pointer by Gary Whittaker
by Gary Whittaker. Point 1 - Red Sox Win! Red Sox Win! There will NOT be a bigger sporting event this year than the saga that was the 200 ALCS between the little Red Sox team defeating the big bad Yankees. The stories...
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All about Minibikes and Pocketbikes
Topic : Minibikes & Mini Bike : Pocketbike & Pocket Bike
by Gisbert Oskam. For those who were too small or too young to grip the handles of a motorcycle, minibikes were a worthy alternative. Minibikes were about 4 feet tall, weighed as little as 65 pounds, and had wheels ab...
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“How to Choose the Right Sportsbook!
by Daniel B. King. So you have decided to start betting online – or maybe you just want to find a new trustworthy sportsbook – what do you need to look out for? Well I am in a position to speak from some experience – I...
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Make Your Sports Viewing More Fun and Interesting!
by Daniel B King. Many years ago when I started betting on sports, I never imagined that ten years on I would be betting and trading for a living. So how did it all start? Well, 'for fun' I would think is the most ac...
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The Concept of Value in Sports Betting!
Topic : Sports Betting & Sport Betting : Betting In Sport & Bet Sport
by Daniel B. King. In sports betting you need to make sure that your bets (and trades) are good value in order to make a profit. If you do not do this you will still win bets but profits may be harder to achieve. Let m...
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You Dont Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard
Topic : Snowboard & Snowboarding : Snowboarding Skill & Snowboarding Skills
by Lauren Traub Teton. Snowboarding Gear to Keep you Safe and Comfortable as you Learn and Ride Are you thinking of trying snowboarding, but reluctant because you've heard that you'll be bruised after the painful edge-catc...
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How To Choose the Right Fly Line Weight
by Brett Fogle. Written on the rod blank or handle is a code number which indicates the line that the rod manufacturer suggests is best for most customers; i.e., 6 line. To most fly anglers, this means that they sho...
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Techniques of Wet Fly Fishing
Topic : Fishing Flies & Fishing Trackle : Fishing Rod & Pike Fishing
by Brett Fogle. Many anglers who are new to fly fishing consider dry fly fishing the “traditional” way of catching trout. Well, that’s not entirely true. Wet fly fishing dates back hundreds of years, well before dry...
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Nymph Fishing Techniques
Topic : Fishing Technique & Fishing Techniques : How To Fish
by Brett Fogle. Small stream nymphing is a very productive form of fly fishing. At times, you will not rise a fish to a dry fly. Yet there are fish feeding actively below the surface. So, you put the fly (nymph) to ...
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Selecting the Right Tackle
Topic : Choosing Tackle & Choosing the Right Tackle : Using the Right Tackle
by Brett Fogle. One of the most important things to consider when fly fishing is choosing your tackle the right way. Many people overlook this important factor and start with the wrong assumptions. They first buy th...
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Three Main Trout Senses
by Brett Fogle. An angler should therefore become familiar with the three main senses a trout uses. These are: Smell: Trout have amazing powers of smell. For humans, trying to understand smell underwater is rather d...
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General overview about Trout Senses
by Brett Fogle. When fly fishing for trout, it is of crucial importance to understand their senses. Trout are fish, after all, and make different use of their senses than we do. Understanding these senses can greatl...
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Trout Species – Cutthroat Trout and Golden Trout
by Brett Fogle. Cutthroat Trout: Cutthroat Trout are generally found only in high alpine lakes or in some selected areas of the Pacific Northwest. The Cutthroat Trout is the original trout of the Rocky Mountains. U...
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Trout Species – Brook Trout
by Brett Fogle. Brook Trout: Frequently gullible, yet extremely tasty, Brook Trout are wonderful trout to fish for - especially since they frequently inhabit the most beautiful stream settings in the U.S. The Brook...
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Trout Species – Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout
by Brett Fogle. Rainbow Trout: Few freshwater fish can match the fighting spirit and beauty of a Rainbow Trout. The Rainbow Trout is a well-traveled species of fish. Originally, the Rainbow Trout was found in the co...
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Fly Fishing Secrets
by Brett Fogle. Fly fishing is an exciting and fast growing sport in all over the world, and especially here in the U.S.A. The reasons for the increasing popularity of fly fishing are obvious. Fly fishing is enjoy...
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Do You Know What a Didgeridoo Is?
by Jesse S. Somer. Do you know what a didgeridoo is? Do you want to do or learn something different? Find out about it and do it on the Web. Do you know what a didgeridoo is? There are so many things in this life that ...
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Surf Waves With Jack Johnson
Topic : Surf Waves & Surf Wave : Janet Johnson
by Jesse S. Somer. Like a laid back, relaxed beach vibe? Surf waves in reality, musically, and on the Net with Jack Johnson. Lately I’ve been listening to some pretty cool music by some beach bum named Jack Johnson. Th...
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Building A Good Relationship With Your Guitar
Topic : Building a Good Relationship : Guitar Relationship & Relationship with Guitar
by Ismael D. Tabije. The guitar is considered the friendliest musical instrument there is. It is because the guitar is the handiest musical instrument that could stand on its own. A group can enjoy music with just a guit...
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Ideas For Fun Things To Do On A Date
Topic : Things To Do On A Date & Thing To Do On A Date : Fun Things
by Alan Detwiler. Need an idea for what to do on a date? Here's how to go about finding ideas for new and unusual dates that are enjoyable and memorable. The three most usual choices for what to do on a date are dinne...
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A New DVD Format War
Topic : DVD Format War : Format War & New Dvd Format
by Roger Faraway. Just when you thought it was safe to buy a nice new all-singing all dancing DVD player/recorder, along comes a new format war to add to an already confusing marketplace. Once the original DVD standar...
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