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Holiday Candy Canes Are Festive and Fun
Topic : Candy Cane Craft : Candy Cane Decorations
by Donna Monday. Candy canes are everyone’s favorite holiday treat. Just think about how versatile they are. Not only do candy canes look great hanging from Christmas trees, but their versatility makes them perfect f...
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How to Make Restaurant Quality Coffee At Home
Topic : How to Make Coffee : Coffee Making & Coffee Brewing
by Gary Gresham. Have you ever wondered how restaurants get their coffee to taste so good? First of all, restaurants are in the business of pampering you so they devote much more time to the perfection of a good cup ...
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Movie Poster Collecting
Topic : Movie Poster Collection : Movie Poster Collector
by Poster Girl. There is a great deal of history behind movie posters and movie poster collecting. Jules Cheret, who created 2 movie posters in the 1890’s, was the artist given credit for creating the first movie po...
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Photography Contest - a Fun and Rewarding Experience
Topic : Contest in Photography : Photography Contest & Photo Contest
by Colin Hartness. Do you like to take photos? Are you always standing by with your camera waiting for that moment that is meant to be captured on camera? You may even be taking photography classes or maybe you have al...
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Digital Camera Printers
Topic : Digital Camera Printer : Digital Camera and Printer
by Jakob Jelling. The digital camera is not meant only for capturing images and storing them on the computer memory disks. The real effect comes from the hard copy of those fantastic images taken by the users, that is...
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Underwater Digital Cameras
Topic : Underwater Digital Camera : Underwater Camera & Underwater Cameras
by Jakob Jelling. Underwater photography's is primarily focused towards entertaining and informing the people and the users themselves about what is happening in the world of under water with the aid of photography. T...
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Biggest Lump Sum Lottery In The World
Topic : Euro Millions Lottery : Euromillions Lottery & Euro Millions Lotto
by Gino Harteel. With its first draw having taken place as recently as 13th Feb, 2004, EuroMillions is among the newest to join the ranks of world-class lotteries. It’splayed every Friday and shown on TV channels Sky...
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Short Story: Take a Trip To The Temple Of The Great Tomato
Topic : La Tomatina Festival : La Tomatina Festival in Spain
by Jesse S. Somer. Jimmy Jenkins Jr. is not an adventurer, traveler, or pioneer. Far from it, Jimmy has had the same job, in the same office for 15 years. He’s got about 2 years of holiday time built up because he neve...
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3-Pointer By Gary Whittaker
Topic : Sports Commentary Online : Sports Ezine & Sport Ezine
by Gary Whittaker. 1st Point: The ABC's of Sex and Football The No Fun League is back in the news again, and earning their nickname. In a cross promotional effort between Monday Night Football and Desperate Housewives,...
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Selecting Flies for Pacific Steelhead
Topic : Steelhead Fly Fishing : Steelhead Flies & Steelhead Fishing
by Cameron Larsen. Popular flies for Steelhead vary greatly whether you are fishing in the Pacific region or in the Great Lakes. The fisheries have developed separately and so have the preferences anglers have for fli...
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Choosing A Fly Reel
Topic : Fly Reel Fishing : Fly Fishing Reels & Fly Reels
by Cameron Larsen. Selecting a fly reel for trout fishing has become, like many things in fly fishing, a somewhat unnecessarily complicated adventure. The problem is, reels have gotten so well-made, so functional, that...
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Simple Things for the Sailing Life
Topic : Sailing Guide : Sailing Boat & Sailboat Plans
by Kerry S. Mason. Owning a boat has an oxymoronic quality to it. “The simple life” can be pretty complex--I think of it as having a plane, a car, and a house compressed into a very small space. This specialized enviro...
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Girls-Only Snowboard Camps
Topic : Girls Snowboarding : Girls Snowboards & Snowboard Camp
by Jeremy Hier. Women who love to snowboard are commonly called snowboard girls. They love snowboarding freestyle, freeride, and freecarve. A great way for you snowboard girls to improve your skills quickly and have...
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Confidence in Fly Fishing
Topic : Fly Fishing Guide : Fly Fishing Tips & Fly Fishing Secrets
by Cameron Larsen. For those of you who, like me, have memories of fishing that pre-date memories of school, think back to as many fishing partners and trips as you can. Even those people you only went fishing with on...
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The Mayfly Nypmh
Topic : Mayfly Fly : May Fly Fishing & Mayflies
by Cameron Larsen. Their names roll off the fly fisherman’s tongue like the names of lost loves. Making the angler drool almost as much as the fish (if fish could drool). Hendricksons, Green Drakes, Pale Morning Dun....
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The Mayfly Adult
Topic : Mayfly Life Cycle : Adult Mayfly & Mayfly Flies
by Cameron Larsen. In our last article titled Mayfly Nymph. We covered the basics of the nymph stage of this crucial insect in the world of the freshwater game fish and fly fisherman. We now will cover the adult phas...
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Oregon Dank Stars...Clothing Against Corporations
Topic : Snowboarding in Oregon : Snowboarding Company : Oregon Snowboard
by Michael Cook. The Oregon Dank Stars are Oregon grown skate and snowboard company which produce videos, accessories, and unique and attractive clothing for today’s misguided individuals. The Oregon Dank Stars have ...
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Choosing a Martial Arts School
Topic : Choosing a Martial Art : How to Choose a Martial Art
by Eric Gehler & Jim Johnson. “Daddy, I want to take Karate!” “Mommy, Jimmy on the bus hit me again today” There are many reasons why parents want to sign their children up for Self Defense or Martial Arts classes. Once you have ...
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Why Make Homemade Items
Topic : Homemade Items : Household Items & Home Made Items
by Alan Detwiler. I've always liked to make gadgets and gizmos that fill some need ... some useful (or not so useful) function. It started with the simple things that many kids make - slingshots, a simple bow and arro...
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Cushings Disease
Topic : Cushings Disease in Horses : Cushings Disease Horse
by Susan Prince. As our horses enjoy a longer life and many live well into old age so the number of horses with Cushing increases as its more common in older horses especially ponies. It can however affect all breed...
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Enjoying Your Vacation in an RV
Topic : Recreational Vehicles & Recreational Vehicle Rentals
by Jim Schneider. Traveling in a Recreational Vehicle is, by most accounts, a fun, relaxing and enjoyable time to create some incredible stories that your grandchildren will someday enjoy. Here are few myths and truth...
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How To Avoid Or Reduce Red-Eye
Topic : Red Eye Photograph : Redeye Photo & Red Eye Camera
by Jakob Jelling. Photography with the aid of a digital camera is beyond doubt very fascinating. However, it also has many a nooks that the users of the digital camera must be aware of and also must be well educated t...
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Digital Camera Auto Exposure and Auto Focus
Topic : Auto Exposure & Auto Focus : Digital Camera
by Jakob Jelling. The digital camera being a fantastic and technologically advanced device contains many different applications of its own. Many users of this fabulous device are unaware of quite a few of these functi...
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Digital Camera Macro Mode
Topic : Digital Camera Macro Mode : Digital Camera Manual Focus
by Jakob Jelling. The digital camera is a wonderful device that allows a diverse variety of applications with its even diverse spectral collection of utilities. As technology progresses it brings along with it those i...
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Exposure Compensation
Topic : Digital Camera Exposure : Exposure Compensation & Exposure Value
by Jakob Jelling. The digital camera is in reality a great possession with many facets of its utilities and not only that knowing these utilities makes the understanding the digital camera complete. The utilities are ...
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