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All About Kinds of Boxing Equipments
by shijina. Boxing is a sport event where two participants will fight each other with their fists. Kickboxing comprises kicking, dashing and knocking between two parties. To safeguard the boxers against any damages, kick boxing equipments are designed and produ...
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Shaolin Warrior Monks Wont Fight at Beijing Games
by gbrajput. www.wushuindia.com - The Shaolin Temple warrior Secular Disciples, the world's most respected kung fu practitioners, will not to take part in the "wushu" events planned for the 2008 Beijing
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Difference Between the Various Martial Arts
by gbrajput. For those of you whom have stayed around long enough to figure out the differences, there still may be some of you who do not know what this title means. After many years of research, study and
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Shi Yan Lu, Born in 1970, a 34th Generation Shaolin Monk
by gbrajput. Lin Qing Hua, his real name, was born on January 1st, 1970 in Tan Cheng, in the province of Shan Dong. He is a member of a well-known family in martial arts. He began to practice with his fathe
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Gajanand Rajput, The Indian Shaolin Warrior Disciple
by gbrajput. Dr. Gajanand B. Rajput, Founder of the Martial Arts Authority of India, was born on November 28th 1978 in Sabarmati Area, in Ahmedabad City. He is a true Worrier By Cast ( Kshatriya). He is son
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The Martialarm Introduction to Keysi Fighting Method
by Martial Simons. To understand the Keysi Fighting Method System its foundation is found in Jeet Kune Do and its Philosophy and yet again goes back through Bruce Lee's original style of Wing Chun.Wing Chun Martial Arts SystemOf all the Chinese martial arts, it is Win...
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The Fight Authority: Defend yourself
by Matthew Bryers. Even during the ancient times, learning how to defend yourself is very important. With the many conflicts and war during those times, several fight techniques were created. After these conflicts were resolved, the fight techniques were passed from g...
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Condom Depot Sponsors The Crippler and Drago
by Jennifer Amato. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Jennifer Amato, Marketing Director 813-885-4500 x16September 14, 2007Condom DepotCondom Depot Sponsors Chris "The Crippler" Leben and Pete "Drago" Sell for Spike TV's September 19th UFC Fight NightTampa, FL â...
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Brazilian Jujitsu, the Ultimate Martial Art
by ktmcna@aol.com. Brazilian jujitsu is the name of a full-contact martial art focusing on grappling or ground fighting, instead of punches and kicks. This style of martial arts teaches you the skill to fight an assailant that is larger and stronger. The lock techni...
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Mixed Martial Arts Techniques
by Matthew Bryers. If you want to sharpen your combat skills for self-defense purposes, you can do so with Martial Arts. Consist of several systems of traditions and practices, they are also studied for reasons of mental discipline, self confidence and character devel...
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Alexander Zass, the Father of Isometric Training
by Frank Sherrill. Alexander Zass (The Amazing Samson) 1888 - 1962Zass was born in Vilna, Poland in 1888, but lived most of his early years in Russia and after 1924 in Britain.
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Ran Nakash - Krav Maga Www.kravmagabootcamp.com
by Bill Scott. Chief Commander of the Krav Maga instructional division of the Israeli Defense ForcesRan Nakash is Chief Commander and Head Instructor of the IDF’s Krav Maga instructional division. This is the highest ranking professional authority in the fo...
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Submit Gear Welcomes Phil Gizzi
by Amedeo Lanasa. PRESS RELEASE - (Toronto, Ontario) Submit Gear is proud to announce their newest addition to their sponsorship fight team.Phil Gizzi, who fights out of New York is in his second year of pro mma. The former US Marine and former Sheriff has never ha...
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Mixed Martial Arts Legends - Randy Couture
by Chris Head. Martial arts have developed over a period spanning centuries, skills and techniques passed from teacher to pupil transcending time and passing through generations. Gradually evolving into the forms of martial arts many practice around the world toda...
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The Black Belt Wall Street Ninja
by mark smith. Growing up in my quiet, little suburb of New York City, my three children and I were surrounded by martial arts equipment, movies and activities.? My father, a Wall Street lawyer and his son were attending judo lessons.? In addition to traditional j...
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An Insight Into Muay Thai Kick Boxing
by ktmcna@aol.com. The exact date muay Thai kick boxing was started is hard to narrow down, but it does date back all the way to medieval times. King Nareasen made it famous in 1560 AD when he was given a chance to fight for his freedom. King Nareasan was victorious...
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Boxing Can Teach a Thing or Two About Life
by Dave Smith. The most important things I learned in life, I learned in the boxing ringIt feels a little strange talking about my illustrious fighting career, as I'm no longer fighting. I have retired. My excuse is that I've turned 35, which is rather a good excu...
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Ran Nakash
by Tom Becks. Chief Commander of the krav maga instructional division of the I.D.FIn 2007 Ran Nakash was appointed to Head of the IDF’s Krav Maga school. Chief Commander of the IDF’s Krav Maga instructional unit is the highest ranking professional a...
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Why you Should Watch Aikido Video Clips
by Prince Oversol. Aikido was developed by as a martial art by Morihei Ueshiba who studied several martial arts since 1912. Known to many aikido practitioners as "O Sensei" or the "Great Teacher," Ueshiba was able to develop the martial art based on a purely physical ...
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Choosing the Best Martial Arts Style
by ktmcna@aol.com. Choosing the Best Martial Arts StyleFor anyone who wants to learn a martial art, there is a lot to know in regards to the many different styles. Of course there is the question of finding the best martial art, which is a question a lot of people as...
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Ninja Secret Training School -- Back to the Basics
by Jo Braweski. Does the ninja secret training school still really exist? And if it does, what can it teach us about self defense that we need to understand for everyday life, far away from the cloak and dagger images that the ninja warriors so often inspire?It is ...
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The Will to Win: a True Story
by Astrid Bidanec. It was supposed to be one of the best training opportunities to prepare me for the upcoming international judo competition in Fra
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Can you Even Throw a Punch?
by Martial Simons. The danger today - You!When the World Turns VIOLENT! I bet you run.What to do if someone wants to fight you!Help me, Im fat, lazy and afraid of a bully.The enemy may be next door - afraid to look?Can you even throw a punch?Are you martially in dange...
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A Brief Guide to Goju Ryu
by ktmcna@aol.com. Goju ryu was developed by Chojun Miyagi, who was born in 1988.He took the name from a chinese text called "bubishi" which explains the eight precepts which make up the training in this style of martial art.The precepts teach the student that all of ...
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Mississauga Thai Boxer Conquers the West
by Joey De Los Reyes. PRESS RELEASE - (Mississauga) - Sylwester Organka came home to a hero's welcome after winning the Canadian Muay Thai Association North American Championship in British Columbia. Fighting in the 155-lb weight class, Sylwester defeated Jason St. Louis...
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