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Buying a Rural Property - First Steps
by Dena Davis. Perhaps for years you've dreamt of owning a place in the country - maybe a small ranch in Colorado, or a private lakefront lot in Minnesota, or maybe your own ski chalet in the Rocky Mountains. Today's low real estate prices combined with great inte...
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Are Feral Cats Reducing Your Property Values?
by Lisa Brodeur. Some people feel that animal overpopulation is the province of people who love and care about animals. However, as a homeowner, you should be concerned about rising feral cat populations, even if you are not a cat lover yourself.Feral cats can drive...
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When to Invest in Residential Real Estate
by Shannon. Deciding when to invest in residential real estate is a very complex and tough decision. With today's market in constant fluctuation you have to be very careful with your residential real estate investment, however follow the...
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We Buy House Companies Going Green
by Shaun Greer. Going green is hot right now. Its great for the Earth and it can be great for your real estate investment. However, going green can be an expensive choice for real estate investors, making you ask whether going green can be as good for your bank acc...
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Nationwide Student Housing
by Robin Sallee. Nationwide Student Housing by: Robin Sallee Nationwidestudenthousing.com is a technologically based medium through which students are able to lo
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How To Market Your Property For Sale Effectively
by Cheow Yu Yuan. Are you selling your property by yourself? One of the biggest problem that private real estate seller will face is marketing. How to market your property for sale effectively? Normally, people who intend to sell their properties do so through real e...
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Selling Your Real Estate Using Owner Financing
by Tom Henderson. Last week a veteran real estate professional asked me how to purchase notes at closing without being considered a lender and actually funding the deal. The term "simultaneous closing" is really a misnomer when referring to a seller selling...
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Running A Successful Property Investing Business
by Javaid Kiyani. In the property business you can either do very well and live off the profits for life, or end up bankrupt if you dont follow some basic rules and principles.When you start investing in property you need to learn how to do at least four things very ...
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Round Numbers - not the Best Option
by Sapan Behar. Round Numbers - not the Best Option by: Sapan Behar Avoid the zeros!According to a research team at Cornell University, people will pay more for
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Making Money in Real Estate Even in a Down Market
by Gary Nealon. Everyone is aware of the dramatic changes that have occurred in the national real estate market over the past year or two years. Prior to that, when property values were on a continuous increase, it was easy to buy a house, make some simple improve...
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How to Ensure Your Offer to Buy Is Accepted
by Barry Cunningham. It seems that just about everyday there is another story in the newspaper or on television about the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market being down.While some of what is being portrayed is true, you can't expect that EVERY homeowner selling a home is...
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A Guide to Going Bankrupt in Real Estate!
by Ki Gray. First off, you should watch some late night infomercials on TV, and possibly order some real estate tapes from Carlton Sheets. This will provide you with a positive upbeat attitude and a sense of false confidence that is essential in order to go ba...
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Having Good Legal Documents With Properite Landlord Software
by Simon Harris. Properite Landlord Software - Good Legal Documents are Everything! by: Simon Harris landlord software or software dedicated to a landlord's need
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Prepare for the New Real Estate Boom
by Paul LeJoy. Prepare for the New Real Estate Boom by: Paul LeJoy Even as foreclosures have reached an all-time high, the vibe I feel is that the good days wi
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Getting Your Family Involved With a New Neighborhood
by David Kent. Being the new family on the block can be difficult for any family. Not knowing who your neighbors are or what they are like leaves all members of the family a little uncertain. Who will the kids play with? Who will we have backyard gatherings with? ...
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Taking Control of Your Credit
by David Kent.  You’ve found the house of your dreams, made an offer and now it’s time to head on down to the bank. What goes on in that visit will determine if you’re able to make your dream become a reality. If so, at what price will it co...
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Flipping in the Real Estate Business as an Investor
by Brad Wozny. Flipping in terms of real state refers to a custom of purchasing a plot of land having potential and selling it instantly by remodeling it. Flipping will give an investor a decent profit amount. The flipping process can be applied to any asset. Mult...
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Zero Overhead Real Estate Investing--- Right Now
by Steve Selengut. Real estate investing is not nearly as complicated, financially burdensome, or time consuming as you might think. In fact, Its easy to add raw land, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and private homes to your portfolio without brokers, bankers,...
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Selling at a Loss: Short Sales Explained
by Virginia Wherland. Sometimes in life we may face situations where it is best to cut your losses and run. If the loss is your home, it is likely that the decision to do this is understandably made almost too late. If you are in the unenviable position of having to sell...
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Haunted Houses Can be Great Deals
by Lisa Brodeur. If you're looking for a deal on a home, you might try your local haunted house. Haunted houses are also known as "stigmatized properties", along with houses that have had murders, gang usage or other unpleasant histories. These properties may be sho...
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Dont Get Scammed in a Real Estate Deal!
by Lisa Brodeur. There are a number of scammers who prey on real estate buyers and sellers, and the Internet is becoming their main playground. Millions of dollars are lost each year to scammers, not to mention loss of credit and reputation through identity theft. H...
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Real Estate Guide in Todays Uncertain Market
by Ted Gaurnero. Homeowners, investors and real estate agents alike may have all gone through some similar cycles of shock, fear and confusion as a result of the subprime mortgage debacle and its aftermath. But, in understanding the key to success, agents need to kn...
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Top Kitchen Design Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Property
by Javaid Kiyani. A well designed kitchen can greatly enhance the appeal and hence value of your property. When developing a property, you need to have a good plan in place. Each room in your property needs to have its own work schedule and budget. This is especia...
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International Property, a Lucrative Option to Invest
by Kuldeep Goel. Smart investors clearly understand the benefits offer by the investment in the International Property. With the advent of the globalization, world is becoming a single country which has resulted in opening up of the several options in buying and sel...
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How To Make Money On Pre-Construction Home Investing
by Hunter Craig. As developers try to raise capital through the building process, they often pre-sell properties, whether condo units or homes, at a discount when compared to the prospected market value. While this can be a great opportunity to get into a property a...
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