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Generate Real Estate Leads With Your Fax Machine
by Cole Stevens. Your fax machine can still be a valuable lead generation and selling tool. Though it may seem like yesterday's technology, the ability to send and receive faxes can be very helpful to your real estate business. Keep reading for several fax advertisi...
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Strategies For Safe Real Estate Investments
by Michael E Taylor. Carmel and neighboring Fishers are one of the fastest growing cities in the state and the nation. Carmel is located just a short distance north of Indianapolis and is attracting real estate investors like never before. The presence of many freeways ...
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Disclosure And Property Inspections Questions By Homeowners
by Gatekeeper. In today's real estate market and increasing number of homes are "Sold-As-Is" via public auction.The term is used to indicate the seller shall have no obligation to make repairs to the property and the buyer purchases the property at his/her own ris...
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How to Be a Successful Property Investor
by Javaid Kiyani. One of the most important jobs of a successful property investor is to find a good property investment deal and structure it to make the most money from that deal. It is important to note that a property investor is not a solicitor, or necessarily ...
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Looking For A Place With Low Real Estate Prices
by Jordan Hashem. Are you looking to buy a home in a city that has low real estate prices and great real estate value? If so, you should look into buying some Dallas real estate.Dallas real estate prices are quite reasonable when compared to the real estate prices of...
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How to Increase the Real Estate Value of Your Home
by Shannon. If you are planning on selling your home, there are some simple things that you can do to drastically increase the amount of money you will receive from it. Remember that most people that will look at your home will also look at comparable homes in ...
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How To Save Money Investing In Distressed Houses
by Simon Volkov. Foreclosure homes can be an exceptionally profitable real estate investment strategy, as long as you understand the tricks of the trade. One of the most important aspects of investing in foreclosure homes is to realize a large percentage of them req...
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How To Successfully Invest In Property Abroad
by Andrew Redfern. There's no doubt that if you are looking to invest, that investing in real estate can yield you maximum returns while at the same time giving you a beautiful vacation home, overseas office, or any other real estate desire you may have. Property inve...
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Three Tips for a Safer Property Investment Opportunity
by Surinder Ahitan. Real estate is a gamble. Yes, there's plenty of money to be made in it, even with the current downward financial trends, but a property investment opportunity isn't an automatic way to get a good return on your money. There are plenty of websites...
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Types of Problems Encountered Dealing With Subprime Mortagage
by Dana B. Smith. Although the problems regarding subprime mortgage may seem numerous, they are not that complicated. The core of this situation has its roots in the fact that many consumers were able to buy houses that exceeded their financial condition or worse, th...
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This Curb Appeal Really Rocks
by Jerry Clifford. In Part 1 of this article, the style and choices of rock gardens were explored. In this part of the article, instructions for building a simple rock garden with plants are discussed. Having selected your spot, spread layers of newspaper several shee...
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This Curb Appeal Rocks
by Jerry Clifford. Creating your own rock garden in the front yard of your home is one of the least troublesome ways to add appeal to your property - and you can do it yourself! 'Curb appeal' is a phrase that most of us are familiar with these days: the art of ensurin...
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A Bathroom Makeover to Boost Your Homes Resale
by Karrie Rose. One truism in real estate holds: the resale value of one of the most important rooms in a home, is that of the bathroom. A bathroom can be a deal breaker for many sales. These days, with the housing market on rocky grounds, and with home sellers rel...
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Investing Your Cash - Realty or Vault?
by Christian Jacobsen. House prices have almost doubled in the last ten years, but even so, is the bank a safer bet for your savings? There are many articles written lately urging the public to 'invest' in realty. These investments are suggested in several forms: e.g. as ...
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Tips to Help You Win a Bidding War
by Mira Novosel. ?In today's market, real estate bidding war have become a common occurrence. More often than not, when you are trying to buy a home, there will be other buyers and you may end up in a bidding war. This is a reality of the current real estate market ...
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Short Sale Success
by Julie Jalone. Short Sale Success by: Julie Jalone As much as I would like to see short sales become a thing of the past there is some satisfaction in helping
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Finding the Right Agent for Your Real Estate
by Ted Gaurnero. No, you're not looking for someone with super human powers, extreme sexual prowess and access to stealth spy ware- really, a real estate agent doesn't have to be James Bond. But, guaranteed there are certain characteristics that'll help define a goo...
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Why is Choosing the Right Neighborhood so Important?
by Adil Esmail. ?Are you thinking of buying a home? If you are than there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Choosing the right neighborhood is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Selecting the best neighborhood for you is importa...
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What is the Importance of a Home Inspection?
by John Carser. When you want to buy or sell a home you will want to have a home inspection done. There are benefits to having this inspection done for the buyer and the seller. This article will tell you what those advantages are and what the importance of a home ...
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Taking Your Real Estate Investing Business to the Next Level
by Minh Pham. Taking Your Real Estate Investing Business to the Next Level by: Minh Pham By Minh Pham, Mentor/Investor/Author, www.GuaranteeProfits.com?The on
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Keys to Success in Real Estate and in Life
by Minh Pham. Keys to Success in Real Estate and in Life by: Minh Pham ?Lesson #1:? Enjoy Life.?Focus on the present rather than on the future.? Be in the Now
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Financial Independence Thru Real Estate Investing
by Minh Pham. I know some of you dream of quitting your J-O-B and being financially independent
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Be the Doctor to the Sellers Problems
by Minh Pham. If you want to really be successful as an investor, you must consider yourself 'The Doctor' to the Seller's problems. Just like medical doctors, Sellers must see you as being professional, well educated, acting on their "patient's' best interest, and...
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Automation Through Delegation
by Minh Pham. By Minh Pham  Author, Mentor, Investor   www.GuaranteeProfits.com  If you want to take your real estate investing business to a higher level I&rsqu...
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Duties of an Escrow Officer
by Lloyd. An escrow officer, also known as the loan officer, is a neutral third party. He is generally appointed by the title company that you and your seller are working with in Maryland. Their main duty is to look over the escrow process that goes with the ...
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