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Exit Strategy
by Lloyd. The most important consideration that you need to make while investing in Maryland Real Estate is how you will get out of the deal. But it is true. An investor has one target in mind — profit. But earning the desired profit and securing it req...
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Make Your Property Seen Bigger Than it Is!
by Oliver. If you're about to sell property online, using online estate agents, transforming your property to seem bigger than...
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Real Estate: Wheres the Bottom?
by Dane. In recent months, the US real estate market has seen its fair share of turbulent weather as house prices continue to fall. While the Federal Reserve has taken significant steps towards making lending cheaper, interest rates remain artificially high ...
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Bungalow House Styles
by Dane. Central Austin is filled with pre-war homes commonly referred to as bungalows, and are sought after by many for their charm, coziness and attention to detail.The word 'bungalow' comes from the Indian word 'bangla', which used to refer to homes built...
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Dealing With Real Estate Taxes
by Joe Cline. Real estate or property taxes are something that all property owners have to be concerned with. The amount of tax that you will pay on a specific piece of property varies greatly depending on many factors. These can include location, home condition,...
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How Real Estate Prices Affect Investing
by Joe Cline. There is no doubt that investing in real estate can be a very lucrative business. There are times when people have made millions in a year's time just by knowing what to buy and when to sell it. This is the kind of thing that you are often confronte...
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House Flipping the Right Way
by Joe Cline. Bringing in money from buying homes and reselling them is an idea that many people have. The main concept here is buying at a low price and then turning around and selling for a higher price. The most commonly used term for this is house flipping. T...
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Buying From a Real Estate Auction
by Joe Cline. Buying real estate is something that many people are just not knowledgeable about. They have never attempted it and have no idea what they need to do. The process can be very easy as long as you have some basic information and just so long as you ar...
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How to Avoid a Deadly Hurricane Season in 2008
by Glen B. Stewart. It's hurricane season again in 2008. Is your home and family fully prepared for hurricane season 2008?Fortunately there has been a guardian angel working full-time behind-the-scenes for the past three years. This guardian angel has found a way to re...
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Hurricane Related Terms
Topic : Hurricane Related Terms & Hurricane Words to Know
by Glen B. Stewart. Hurricane Preparedness and What We Can Do to Avoid a Disaster Like Hurricane Katrina. The following hurricane preparedness article is very forward thinking and an open mind just may play a critical role i
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Downtown Revitalization Makes for a Thriving Real Estate Market
by Dw Wilson. One key component in finding a good city/neighborhood/area to invest in, is in understanding the vitality and success of an area's downtown. Downtown revitalization has become a trend that attracts home buyers to buy- and for good reason. If you're ...
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Home Staging: What it Is, and What it Isnt
by Dw Wilson. The most common overall misconception about home staging is that it's basically on par with personal decorating and with the things a realtor would recommend doing before showing a home. Truth be told, staging is neither decorating nor showing. Read...
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Hire a Realtor to Avoid Lawsuits
by Dw Wilson. In today's internet savvy world where we all have access to massive amounts of information, you may wonder why it's important or at all necessary to hire a realtor for your real estate transactions. Isn't it the much more affordable route to sell yo...
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Secondary Vacation Homes: to Buy or not to Buy?
by Dw Wilson. There's a lot to take in these days when considering the idea of a secondary vacation home. With the surplus of foreclosures in some of the prime US vacation markets, folks are wondering if now is the time to buy. But, there are still important ques...
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Seniors Deserve Special Care in Their Real Estate Transactions
by Dw Wilson. There is a niche in the real estate market that deserves some special attention. With a flood of baby boomers retiring and these folks heading into their golden senior years, many are in a position where they'll want to downsize from their larger fa...
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New Opportunities for Real Estate Buyers
by Craig Berger. After several years of overinflated prices, the housing market is finally full of affordable homes for sale. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or a first time buyer, the opportunity for buying is better than ever. Real Estate Buying Is...
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Bird Dogging
by Lloyd. The term ‘Bird Dogging’ may sound funny, but it can mean serious business and can get a real estate investor in Maryland some serious profits. This is how it works: the investor is the &lsqu...
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Tips on Investing in Raw Land Deal
by Lloyd. A raw land deal should be properly investigated and evaluated before making a final decision. Finding raw lands in Maryland may be easy but knowing if they are really worth investing involves immense efforts.You can find a raw land deal easily throu...
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Ways to Cancel a Real Estate Contract
by Lloyd. In Maryland real estate investment should be done after framing a legal contract, which is signed by the se...
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Ways to Improve Cold Calling Strategy for Real Estate Agents
by Craig Berger. Real estate agents attract clients through open houses, marketing strategies and word-of-mouth. However, as any good salesperson does from time to time, they make 'cold calls,' or random phone calls to potential clients. Learning how to use these dr...
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How the Deal Gets Done. Closing on Your New Home
by Paco Vielma. A lot has to happen before you can close on a new home successfully. Some of it is your responsibility, and some of it belongs to others. But don't expect it to happen overnight or perfectly smoothly. There are too many factors involved. And there's...
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Real Estate and the Internet
by John Thomas. ?The real estate agents who are now coming out of school are more tech savvy and at some places doing better than the veteran real estate agents. The use of a website with listings and using updated MLS services has helped several agents in showing ...
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Who or What is Responsible for the Sub-prime Loan Debacle?
by Marc E Cram. Who or What is Responsible for the Sub-prime Loan Debacle? by: Marc E Cram There has been much ink spent lately on the problems in the housing m
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Making Service Centered Sales The Focal Point Of Your Business
by Tim Harris. As a real estate agent, it is really easy to find yourself chasing after the almighty dollar. Typically, when sales are great, customer service may become less than stellar. Some agents find themselves paying more attention to commissions and bank a...
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Apartment Living: Landlord Issues
by Zack Fair. Living in an apartment can have its downfalls. Most of them can originate when the tenant and the landlord do not get along. Many of the landlord-tenant issues can be resolved by looking at your lease. The lease is signed by both the landlord and th...
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