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Patient Buyers Who Are Qualified Seem To Be Smiling
by Chris Arnold. Lets begin by going over what I am NOT saying. I am not saying that today is the day to buy. I am not saying that we are at the bottom of the market. What exactly does that mean anyway? How does anyone declare a bottom to a real estate market? Isn't...
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Solutions to Common Chimney Liner Problems
by Jim Warren. When it comes to chimneys smoking, there are no two fireplaces that function in the same way. There can be many reasons why your chimney is not working properly and smoke is getting into your home.The Height Of The ChimneyThere is an appropriate mea...
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Following the Snowbirds...
by Nelson Stewart. It seems that summer is finally here and we are all enjoying the warmth, relaxation and ease of life in the sun. Wouldn't it be nice if it could carry on like this? Right through November and December and on....well... it can!Some clever North Ameri...
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How to Effectively and Inexpensively Stage Your Home
by Caroline Kelm. It is no secret that the market has been changing over the past several years. In some areas housing prices have leveled off and in other areas there has been a decline. When selling in a buyer's market, it is more important than ever to ensure your...
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Higher Appraised Values Lead to Sub-Prime Crisis
by sumeetha Gowda. ?Higher Appraised Values lead to Sub-Prime Mess Appraisers not to Bame I read an article at least once a day the puts the blame for the mortgage mess on lenders who made loans to people with bad credit histories. Although this did happen and ther...
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How to Find a $40,000 Beach House in 2008
by domenick buonamici. Think the phrase 'cheap beachfront property' is a thing of the past? If you paid $40,000 for your beach house, how long ago did you buy it? In the US it would have had to have been 30 years or so ago, in Puerto Rico, over 15 years ago, in Costa Ric...
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5 Tips for Real Estate Investment
by Gary Zivkovich. Real estate investment is one of the best investment choices. It is the one of the best risk free investment and gives high return on the investment.You must have to investing in the property in the ideal location. There are different types real sta...
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Fractional Ownership - the Environmental Benefits
by Neil Robertson. Fractional Ownership - the Environmental Benefits by: Neil Robertson The potential for fractional ownership to transform life experiences via th
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Harvard to Determine Best Time To Sell My House
by Shaun Greer. The fact that the real estate industry is at a low point right now is not a secret. However, even Harvard has taken on the real estate market to analyze what is currently influencing and affecting the industry.Home prices and sales in the real estat...
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The Good and the Bad of the Short Sale
by Carol Freyer. You are behind on your mortgage payments and you know that you're not going to be able to play catch-up before the bank begins the dreaded foreclosure process. If there are no other options for you at this point, you may consider arranging a short s...
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Affordable Housing is Relative to the Consumer
by Anita. You may have spoken to developers, financial representatives and realtors who have boasted about their experience with affordable housing, but putting your confidence in individuals who stand to make a profit and have little to lose may result in mi...
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Reos A-go-go
by Carol Freyer. If you are a buyer who is thinking about entering the world of foreclosure properties, one thing to ponder is whether you can get a better deal buying at a foreclosure auction, or waiting until the home becomes an REO. Foreclosure auctions are where...
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What Makes a "green" Home?
by Karrie Rose. While "green" has become quite the buzzword when it comes to home building and design, what exactly it means isn't always clear. There are a few standards for eco-friendly homes, but the term "green" doesn't have a universal definition beyond being ...
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Fsbo Works More Than Expectation
by Editor-123. ?You may be wondering whether your decision of selling your home without the help of a realtor is correct as only few are interested in investing in the real estate market in the current scenario. But, you are wrong as for sale by owner do not requi...
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Tips for a Smooth House Purchase
by Robert Evans. Tips for a Smooth House Purchase by: Robert Evans ?Making the decision to buy your own home can be one of the most stressful but rewarding choic
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When Disaster Strikes: Keeping Your Investment Safe
by Robert Evans. When Disaster Strikes: Keeping Your Investment Safe by: Robert Evans ?Once you've finished searching for that real estate investment of a lifeti
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The Prediction Game
by Robert Evans. The Prediction Game by: Robert Evans ?While discussion on the state of the current US housing market is pretty much finished, experts have turne
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Creating a Strong Sense of Neighborhood Community
by Shawn Kohan. Fort Worth is one of those cities that people remember long after visiting. And it is certainly a city that inspires talk of relocation. Perhaps it is because of its gorgeous surroundings, including its bustling, vibrant downtown area and diverse ne...
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Architect Julia Morgan Broke Barriers, Built Enduring Legacy
by Kadence Buchanan. Among the pioneers and luminaries named to the California Hall of Fame in 2008 is a woman whose vision and skill make her a giant of architectural genius, though she stood but five feet tall. Julia Morgan's work adorns California from the Bay area a...
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Foreclosing on Real Estate Opportunities
by Kadence Buchanan. You're a new home buyer. You recognize there is an opportunity to purchase a home that was once out of reach for you and your family and you're scouting the raft of foreclosures in your price range. It's exciting to contemplate finding an affordable...
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Is the Housing Crisis Over?
by Mark Walters. A report out of Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies says the nation is facing its worst housing crisis in 50 years and it is far from over.That conclusion is based on foreclosures doubling to 1.3 million last year and the number of vacant hom...
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Why You Will Not Get Cheap Properties At Tax Sale
by Rick Dawson. Many, if not most, of my subscribers initially come to my site because they are interested in learning more about tax sales in general. I'm going to give you the information you're looking for right here. I'll tell you how bargain purchases are ma...
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Property Sales Today - the Irish Angle
by Susan Salkeld. Most of the western world, if not the entire first world, seems to be reporting that property market price inflation is decreasing or stalled. In the worst-hit areas we even hear tales of a lowering of house prices and negative equity for some unfor...
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Buying DC Real Estate
by Sig Yanosway. During election seasons, someone who didn't know any better would think that the only DC real estate that is ever available or worth getting into is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Talk to sports fans in the area and they will tell you that the hot new...
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Summer Safety at the Lake Cottage, Camp or Vacation Chalet
by Cary Z. Francis. Its summer time. The grass is turning green the birds are back. Its time to complete those projects at the Lake Cottage or camp or perhaps even in your own backyard back home in the city. It never hurts to prepare for your project and its safe com...
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