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Bridge Loans: An Interim Solution
by Edwin Linares. Let's say you have decided to move to a new neighborhood. You have placed your current home in the market and presently in the final stages of closing the sale with a buyer. You intend to use the proceeds of this sale to purchase your new home. T...
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The Lowdown On Home Information Packs
by Thomas Pretty. For years the property market has been criticised for being inefficient and slow; it is now hoped that the introduction of home information packs will be able to speed up the process and in general make it clearer for both buyers and sellers. But wh...
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How A Letting Agent Can Help Landlords
by Thomas Pretty. As a landlord there are a myriad of considerations to make not least is finding a suitable letting agent that understands your concerns. In most cases a letting agent in fact acts on behalf of the landlord and not the tenant. Their pay comes from th...
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Real Estate Vibrations:
by rakeshbhardwaj. ?For the last around two quarters the booming real estate sector has been facing tremors of government policies as a result of which this sector has faced a sluggish growth. On top of it the RBI has on...
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Deciding Commercial Property Market Value
by Andrew Stratton. Even though we are currently in a buyer's market, many land owners are looking to sell it to potential buyers. Before an individual can sell it, they must know how much to value their own property in order to attract potential buyers. Most individua...
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Dont be Home When Your House is Shown
by Jerry Clifford. Again and again, I hear stories from fellow real estate agents that affirm what I also see as true: it is not a good idea for the seller to be present when their home is being viewed by buyers. While it may be inconvenient for the seller to stay awa...
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Who Gets the House: Divorce and Your Assets
by Jerry Clifford. People don't like to think of the end of something, but with divorce rates higher than ever before in history, the reality that you and your spouse might split some day is a likely one. How you divide the assets can be complicated.One of the largest...
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Key Methods to Increase the Yield on Property
by Chris Davidson. With many BTL investors now completing their properties worldwide, many are curious to see if their income will be better, the same or worse than had been projected when they reserved 2-3 years ago.?It is fair to say that, in some areas at least, so...
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Why the Bank Does not Want Your House
by Brian Higdon. Many homeowners, when they cannot pay their mortgages, stop reading letters from their lender and ignore phone calls regarding their mortgage. In essence, these homeowners simply give up and decide that the bank is going to take their home, and ther...
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Get More from the House Your Are Stuck With
by Shaun Greer. You want a bigger and better home. However, with the current housing market the way that it is, you might not be able to sell your house for what you want. There are homeowners that have spent billions of dollars renovating their homes during the be...
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Will Home Owners Insurance Protect Your Home in a Storm?
by Shaun Greer. The news has been filled with stories on environmental disasters lately. As more and more storms roll over the country, citizens in the coastal communities and in the Midwest alike are asking the same question: Is my house safe? And if not, will my ...
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Final Touches to Home Construction
by Omar Mahmood. Final Touches to Home Construction by: Omar Mahmood ?Home construction is a phased task. It involves various steps from inception of the idea fo
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How to Succeed When the Market is Down
by Carol Freyer. In an industry like real estate, professionals have to be prepared to make it through the rough patches, like when the market has slowed to a crawl. In some parts of the country, this is currently the case, where home sales have been plummeting at m...
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Important Considerations Before Buying an Overseas Vacation Home
by Donovan Carter. Buying a home overseas can mean owning a small piece of vacation paradise, but it can also equal a major headache. From differing ownership and property title laws to navigating an overseas market, foreign home ownership can be complicated. If you'r...
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What is Mineral Rights Leasing?
by Mary Ann Porsuelo. The importance of energy, oil, coal, and other minerals and natural resources is very evident throughout the world. The demand for commodities such as oil and gas is increasing and many energy and mining companies are on the lookout for land and pro...
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Landlord Tenants Rights and Guidelines
by john smith brown. Landlords are the investors who lease their property to tenants for a specific time period. The landlords make money from this rental business whereas the tenants get a house to live in. There are some landlord tenant’s rights that can help bo...
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Feng Shui for Your Real Estate
by Syd Z Nohcus. Building a home - house, cottage or chalet? It's not only the home with its fixtures that are major considerations in terms of Feng Shui but also your choice of lot or what might be considered plot or "the plot".Some home buyers or builders will pl...
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Buying to Win: Negotiating a Positive Real Estate Purchase
by Ed Kirkland. Buying a new house is an exciting prospect. However, to get the most out of a property, the fine art of negotiation is needed. You must know how to approach the seller so that your offer has the best chance to succeed. In the end, negotiation can me...
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Need of Perfect Planning for Home Construction
by Omar Mahmood. Need of Perfect Planning for Home Construction by: Omar Mahmood ?Home is a place where our heart resides. Men after entering into job, his first
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First Time Property Buyers From A 16 Year Old Perspective
by Catherine Harvey. As house prices have risen and stabilised over the past couple of years it has been very hard for first time buyers to actually 'buy' their first property. This has forced most young first time buyers to rent houses as they simply cannot afford prop...
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What to Consider When Handing Down Your Cabin
by Pat Trainor. It's important to note that when "giving away" an item such as your cabin or cottage to your children, despite your purest intentions, it can quickly become an enormous tax burden for the recipient/s. Here are some different options to discuss with ...
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Where To Buy Overseas Property
by Catherine Harvey. Property in Bulgaria has been drawing some attention of late. People are tired of investing their money in the precarious UK property market and have been looking further afield than the little Britain of Spain to lesser known areas of Europe.If you...
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Is There Life North Of Paris
by Catherine Harvey. There used to be a saying about how a job could be for life. Many people would follow the profession of their parents, staying in the same area all their lives, raising children, passing on their skills and never venturing very far from home. In tod...
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Commercial Property Analysis for Your Next Investment Property
by Andrew Stratton. If you plan to purchase an investment property, you should consider getting a commercial property analysis before any real estate deal. Incomplete research can sink the deal on any real estate. You must understand everything about it before making t...
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Fsbo- Few Extra Tips Required for Success
by Abhinav Sidana. If you want to succeed in your FSBO, you need to look beyond the casual approach and the following tips will help you in achieving your target.1. The correct price tag of FSBO: The price tag of your house is one of the most vital factors for sale of...
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