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Sell Commercial or Residential Property for Cash
by William T. ?At Last Seconds, we buy homes for cash; as an established property buyer, we regularly buy commercial and residential property in London, Birmingham, Manchester and throughout the UK. We offer you the opportunity to sell your house and rent it back...
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If You Want to Buy Repossessed Houses Then Contact Last Seconds
by William T. ?Between April and June of 2007, the number of repossessed houses for sale rose by 22% to 5,120, says the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. They cite rising interest rates as a major factor and predict that, in 2008, as many as 124 repossessed...
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The Right Contractor To Get My House Ready For Sale
by Shaun Greer. Home improvement has become a hot topic and even hotter investment over the years. Many people are adding on and upgrading, educating themselves on the right home improvements and additions that will make their home and financial investment stronger...
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Deferring Taxes on Real Estate Investments
by Todd Dunkin. The term 1031 exchange comes from the section number of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and identifies special rules for like-kind exchanges in real estate. The code states you can defer the tax when you exchange a property used exclusively for busin...
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Tips on Preparing to Buy an Unfinished Home
by Donovan Carter. Purchasing an unfinished home can be a terrific way to obtain a prime piece of property already equipped with an existing structure, approved building permits and a blank canvas for your design dreams all at a low cost.Unfortunately, buying unfinish...
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What to Do about the House Next Door
by Shaun Greer. When it comes time to sell a home, curb appeal can be tremendously important. From the start, your home needs to make a solid first impression that will carry the future home buyer into the house on a positive note. Even if your home looks wonderful...
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How To Help Reverse The Recession
by Catherine Harvey. In this time of economic hardship for many it is easy to slip into depression. Doom and gloom is reported all the time, food and fuel prices are rising daily, jobs are less secure, strikes are breaking out over pay up and down the country and homes ...
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The Importance Of Selecting The Right Real Estate Agent
by Jennifer Stromsteen. One of the largest financial decisions you will ever have to make is the buying or selling of a home. Surprisingly, few people give finding the right real estate agent as much thought as it deserves. More often than not an agent is chosen because of...
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Property Market Revolutionised by Pricing Information Sites
by Thomas Pretty. The internet as an information resource is unrivalled; with so many contributors the sheer wealth of information is unsurprising. Nearly all people who have access to a computer use the internet, most amazing are the uses that people have for this i...
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Five Factors Involved In A Property Valuation
by Thomas Pretty. When either buying or selling property it is important to realise what defines a great valuation. When estate agents and surveyors undertake a valuation they are looking for certain factors that result in a great price. Here is a breakdown of the mo...
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Opportunities are Aplenty in Home Listing
by Synapse India. Getting a home listing is an important aspect of acquiring a valued property possession in some of top locations of the US. If you are in search of a foreclosed home for sale, you will doubtless be in search of home listings. Some of the most useful...
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Why Every Real Estate Investor Needs a Virtual Assistant
by Charrissa Cawley. If I told you it's possible to invest just pennies on a tool for your real estate investing business that could offer you a rate of return worth hundreds or even thousands of times your total investment, you'd be on it like a commuter on a $2 gallon ...
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How to be a Slumlord
by Steve Gillman. You may not realize it, but the real estate investor who is typically called a slumlord is providing a needed service. Though there are those who are truly taking advantage of people, many who are given this ignoble title are simply providing afford...
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Red Sea Property in Egypt
by Mr. Anant. Some would consider a Red Sea property to have limited potential, but our twelve months worth of painstaking research into this country has provided us with a very positive view of buying a property in Egypt.Yes, the new property market in Egypt can...
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Overseas Property Investment
by Mr. Anant. At Key Universal, we conduct a painstaking examination of each development we offer, from the financial status of the backer to the reputation of the builders, whether it's a UK or overseas property investment. Our thoroughness has earned us a well-...
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The Homeowners Association
by Lee Keadle. We get a lot of questions about HOAs.? HOA stands for Homeowners' Association, and most neighborhoods in Charleston, SC have them.? The HOA is a non-profit group that manages a community.? Sometimes it is made up of residents from the neighborhood w...
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location, Location, Location!
by Lee Keadle. You may have heard this before:? 'What are the three most important things to consider with real estate?'? The answer, of course, is location, location, and location.? So, everyone knows it's important - but why??Location is the single largest facto...
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Steps to Generate Real Estate Leads
by Cole Stevens. Real estate lead generation is an art that goes beyond the outdated basics of cold-calling prospective home sellers. A proactive real estate agent needs 3 fundamental strategies that actually get potential customers contacting them - visibility, val...
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My Search for Real Happiness
by Jeams Hinaloc. My Search for Real Happiness by: Jeams Hinaloc IT WAS the summer of 1970, and I was in a forest near Revelstoke, British Columbia. Suddenly I fe
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The Fertility of Real Estate
by Ed Kirkland. If there are links between higher fertility and the consumption of high fat dairy foods, like ice cream, then it should really come as no surprise, the natural link between fertility and real estate. The ice cream stat says that women who eat more t...
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Buyer Beware: Dont be Instantly Charmed by Curb Appeal
by Ed Kirkland. You may have heard the familiar real estate jargon of, "curb appeal". There's so much information out there on how to enhance your curb appeal to attract buyers. But there's probably much less pertinent info on how to truly assess what is "good" cur...
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Living on Al Marjan Island
by Mark Burns. Al Marjan Island - a Haven of Tranquillity in Ras Al Khaimah by: Mark Burns The stunning Al Marjan Island is a collection of five man made islan
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Need Moving Quotes? 3 Tips To Save You Time And Money
by Laura Buckley. Deciding to move? Usually that is the hardest part, coming to the decision to do just that, move. Then comes the second part, deciding just how you're going to go about your move. Do you do it yourself or do you hire professionals to do the job. Fir...
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Commercial Real Estate Investing Handbook
by Brad Wozny. Real estate is defined as a property which is not mobile and is something affixed to a land. When it comes to commercial real estate, it refers to the office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, warehouses, etc, which have commercial, value and do not...
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Commercial Real Estate Investing
by Brad Wozny. In the business of the real estate investment, commercial real estate investing is an important element of the whole investment scenario. While most commercial investors would like to believe that this is a specialized sector, the truth remains that...
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