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Upstairs and Downstairs: The Feng Shui of Stairs and Stairwells
by Kerry A. Francis. When it comes to Feng Shui it can be said that the front door can be the "mouth " of your home , business or abode that allows for the nourishing vital qi energy to enter your home and keep your household or vacation abode moving smoothly. Once ins...
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Real Estate Investing Information
by Brad Wozny. ?Word has it that the property market will start looking up early next year. This means that individuals who want to sell real estate will not be able to get a good deal, unless they are priced competitively. A little of bit of aggressive marketing ...
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The Agony of a Real Estate Short Sale
by Mark Walters. Nobody is happy about a real estate foreclosure. The home owner is distressed and the lender is feeling the pain of soon owning a home they don't want. Real estate brokers, investors and ordinary home buyers are shaking their fists in frustration.In...
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Choosing a Log Home Floor Plan That is Right For You
by Tom Heatherington. You made your decision; you are finally going to build that log home. Not just any log home, but that special creation you've held in your mind's eye for so many years. You have walked on those hardwood floors, gazed out from behind those oversized ...
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Commercial Broker Loan Fee Agreement
by jeff rauth. Commercial Broker Loan Fee Agreement by: jeff rauth If you are a commercial loan originator you know how vital it is to protect your fee and you
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Commercial Real Estate Inspection vs. Home Inspection
by Bob Pace. What is the difference between a Commercial Real Estate Inspection and a Home Inspection? To answer this question it's best to look at why the deal is being done in the first place.A home purchase deals to a large degree on emotion. Things like, "I ...
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How To Make The Best Of Your Property When It Goes Up For Sale
by Thomas Pretty. When you are putting your property up for sale there is often the worry that it will sit on the market for a long period of time. There are ways however when your property is for sale to reduce the time it spends waiting for a buyer by adopting cert...
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Beyond the Gleam
by Karen Schaefer. Everyone who has ever walked through an open house knows that having a clean house is extremely important if you want to make the sale. But is it everything? The simple answer is no. There is much more involved in getting your home ready for a succe...
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From the Outside in
by Karen Schaefer. When a prospective buyer looks at your home what is the first thing that are going to see? If your answer was the entry way, or front foyer – you’re wrong! The very first thing that the buyer is going to see is your home from their car w...
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Tips on Choosing a Real Estate Professional
by Harry Saggu. When selling your home or looking to purchase a home, finding a reliable real estate sales representative is essential.? While this tends to be an obvious statement, many people do not know how to choose a real estate professional.? It can take time...
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Tips for Getting Your House Ready to Sell
by Bryan Missey. Want to make selling your home a success? Impress! Impression is the key to getting a potential buyer interested in your house. To create interest, all you need is a little preparation in order to sell your house. If you want maximum results, it is ...
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Impressive Mundra Growth
by Property. AHMEDABAD: A delegation of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, currently on a trip to Gujarat, on Thursday visited the Mundra port and other facilities being developed there in the private sector.The chairman of the Chamber, Vijay...
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Real Estate News From Magicbricks.com
by George Gonigal. Real estate segment in India is growing beyond leaps and bounds. Property segment has seen record investments in the last one year. Many foreign investors have shown their interest in the Indian property segment. The number of realty funds catering ...
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Importance of Real Estate Property Management
by Sharon Samraj. Importance of Real Estate Property Management by: Sharon Samraj Good property management would not cost you money, in turn it would fetch you mo
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Tips for Investing in Real Estate Market
by Sharon Samraj. Tips for Investing in Real Estate Market by: Sharon Samraj When it comes to investing, everyone has certain goals and aspirations. Nevertheless,
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How to Make Money Investing in Real Estate
by Richard. How to Make Money Investing in Real Estate by: Richard Few people even consider making money in real estate investing because they think it to b
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How to Profit From Tax Lien Properties
by Richard. How to Profit From Tax Lien Properties by: Richard ?It is possible to earn huge amounts of money by investing in property in the long and short
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Understanding Real Estate Taxes
by Richard. Understanding Real Estate Taxes by: Richard Many homeowners do not understand much about real estate taxes and for this reason can end up in the
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Apartment Reviews: Choosing the Right Apartment
by Zack Fair. When you are looking for a new apartment it is best to keep in mind that there are places where you can read reviews from both past and current tenants. These reviews can be a lifesaver and possibly the determining factor when it comes to choosing a...
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Online Apartment Search: Stop Your Frustrations
by Zack Fair. Searching for an apartment can quickly become frustrating for several reasons. If you are new to apartment hunting you can easily feel overwhelmed by all the places that list available apartments. And once you become immersed within you search for t...
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Selling a Home In a Bear Market
by Fritz Pfister. The recipe for slow growth is firmly in place. Take evaporated disposable income going toward everyday necessities like food and, gas, mixed with a dash of higher unemployment, dysfunctional government, inane energy policy, high taxes, pulled pork (...
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Tips on Creating a Real Estate Investing Business Plan
by Brad Wozny. At times a real estate investing business plan might be very simple and at times it might be complex. It all depends on what plans you are doing this for and how well you know this business. For the curious, this discussion would provide some real e...
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Tips on Getting Real Estate Investing Information
by Brad Wozny. Any kind of real estate investing information reiterate that since the 1970s real estate investment has been a cause of major capital budgeting. Investing in real estate or the curiosity for real estate investing information has never gone out of fa...
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Guide on Real Estate Investing Information
by Brad Wozny. Most of the time, it is hard to get the right information when you want them urgently. However, if you search in the right places you can get what you are looking for in no time. If you are looking for real estate investing information, then you sho...
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How to Use Real Estate Investing Software for Profit
by Brad Wozny. One of the utilities of real estate investing software is that if you can put the data right, then it will show a correctly output. You are crossing a foreclosure sale of a home, and the money needed to buy it is in your wallet, so would you buy it?...
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