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How Hong Kong Prepares for Future Boost in Construction
by Gregory Smyth. Hong Kong property markets have been experiencing a prolonged boom, under the direct influence of decisions taken by the US Federal Reserve. In fact, property has become such a hot commodity in Hong Kong that companies that aren't able to directly b...
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Credit Crunch Protects Thai Property Market In Long Term
by Gregory Smyth. It is counter-intuitive that a credit crunch could actually help an economy, yet the current subprime crisis in the US is having a sobering and very positive effect on the Thai property market. In a country which recently emerged from 15 years of mi...
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Residential Property In Asia Is Predicted To Struggle
by Gregory Smyth. The next five years will be a trying time for Asian residential property markets, according to a recent report. The cost of housing is increasing in many Asian markets, which is one reason for this expectation. Governments are doing their part to tr...
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Real Estate Scams in Pakistan
by Waqas Bin Hasan. Although I am not a real estate guy and have never bought a single square of property at anywhere. But, being a human I have been in needs of renting a house, flat, appartment and office place. Pak...
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Karangasam Regency is the Oldest and Traditional Bali
by Michael Travers. Surrounded by the peaceful waters of the Lombok strait and the Bali Sea and flanked by the menacing yet fatherly presence of Guning Agung, Karangasam is a place of emerald beauty with rice fields and jungle-covered mountains dominating every aspect ...
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Real Estate Opportunities in Bali
by Michael Travers. ?Lombok is a large and diverse island with a different geography and culture to that of Bali and has many different areas offering many different lifestyle options. In contrast to Bali, most people on Lombok are Sasaks, a Muslim people with a cultur...
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Real Estate Advice and Brokerage In Thailand
by Gregory Smyth. These specialists offer all kinds of services, so you can buy property through them, get impartial professional real estate advice and access the expertise of best Thai lawyers whom will advice on which way to buy either leasehold or freehold. These...
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Long Leases in Thai Property Market
by Gregory Smyth. Because of the longer stay - usually one month to three months in a year - they spend four to five times more during their visits in comparison with other tourists. This target group is therefore a segment that Thailand should concentrate upon, look...
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Interest in Direct Investment Into the Hong Kong Property Market
by Gregory Smyth. Hong Kong is in a prime position to take advantage of China's growing economy - and they have both taken advantage and built an economy under their own steam. The latest figures make the Hong Kong property market one of the most attractive in the wo...
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Property Market in Thailand Weathering Financial Storm
by Gregory Smyth. Thailand's markets have experienced a slowdown in recent months ... however, the result is not as negative as it might seem. Many Asian economies have seen enormous growth and are expected to see a matching fall in their economies, with property dev...
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Emerging Asian Property Markets
by Pauline Felward. Property markets in South East Asia are emerging at a faster pace than ever, with buyers from the countries themselves and other developed Asian markets accompanying the usual western investor looking to expand their overseas property portfolio. Whi...
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Finding the Best Bangkok Condo for Rent
by Johan Hedin. Finding the best property to live in Thailand is never an easy thing to do. But thanks to the help of modern technology, there are great online resources that can help people find the best condos for rent in Bangkok, or even excellent real estate pr...
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Bangkok Real Estate for Sale
by Johan Hedin. People in Bangkok love to overdo things - there's lots of activities, shopping, and an ever growing market that never stops, making Bangkok one of the best destinations for vacation-goers from around the world. It's also the best place to start a ho...
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Guide to Location in Singapore
by search rankpros. Guide to Location in Singapore by: search rankpros Looking for a nice piece of property in a nice location, it is achievable as Singapore real
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Thai Luxury Condominiums Sales in Thailand
by Gregory Smyth. A Bangkok-based developer, has recently revealed some staggering figures on the sale of it's newest development. No question this is the Bangkok-based developer - most ambitious project to date and it seems to have paid off. Within three days of the...
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Emerging Trends In Real Estate Investments In Asia For 2008
by Gregory Smyth. According to Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2008, just published by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. The three cities also received high ratings for development potential, reaffirming their status as leadin...
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Property Purchases by Foreigners in Thailand
by Gregory Smyth. Thailand going back to democracy after a 15 month military rule has already had a positive impact on the property market. There have been a notable number of deals completing during the high season in Phuket as well as more visitors to the sole agen...
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Better Outlook For Thai Property
by Gregory Smyth. Analysts have been able to directly relate the two together, proposing that the position of Thailand at the top of the tourism charts for Southeast Asia is directly related to the fact that investors in the Thai property market are regularly receivi...
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Hot Spots For Property Investment In Asia
by Gregory Smyth. There is an increasing prevalence of hot spots for foreign investments in Asia. Lot of countries in the region have completely removed their unnecessary restrictions on foreign investors. This has attracted more investment in the property market as ...
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South Koreans Snapping Up Property In Other Markets
by Gregory Smyth. Strategies adopted by the government in order to facilitate the unrestrained outflow of capital from the South Korean markets seem to have met with success. According to the present scenario, South Korea is acting as a source of foreign investment, ...
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Strong Tourist Industry In China To Help Property Market
by Gregory Smyth. China has begun a huge drive towards urbanization. It is understood that they are relocating about 20 million people each year from country border to the cities. Very much the same is happening in the whole of East Asia as this half of the continent...
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Land and Condominium Investment in Asia Attracts Foreigners
by Gregory Smyth. The condominium market in Asia is going through an extremely profitable phase. In the one hand, some property brokers go through hiccups in selling new condominium projects.On the other hand, developers are not willing to break the development of ne...
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SIngapore Real Estate Consultant Saves Time and Money
by search rankpros. Singapore Real Estate Consultant - Saving Your Time, Money and Stress by: search rankpros Whether you are a busy guy looking for your dream hous
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Overseas Property for Sale Thailand Can Offer
by Kelly Peck. If you're looking for an overseas property for sale, Thailand is a country to seriously consider. There is more to Thailand than a paradise location for backpackers. Many overseas visitors are choosing to retire in Thailand and other visitors are st...
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Hong Kong Real Estate for Sale and Investment
by Gregory Smyth. Hong Kong is a hot destination for potential sellers and investors of property. All kinds of properties are in high demand. 2007 represents a unique year for the Hong Kong economy. The year witnessed a proportional increase in growth as the year mov...
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