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Dominican Republic Real Estate Opportunity
by Yuri Yeleyko. Dominican Republic Real Estate - Investing in Paradise The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful Caribbean destinations and is also one of the most exciting emerging property markets in the world. Government incentives to attract high qual...
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Cabarete Dominican Republic Real Estate
by Chris Narfundle. Cabarete Dominican Republic Real Estate by: Chris Narfundle It is also known for the barrier coral reef responsible for creating Cabarete Bay. L
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Best Barbados Holiday Hotels: Pick Your Choices
by Albert Scheper. Talk about variation on amenities and perks, Barbados Holiday hotels offer you more than what you could see. But before you pick the best choice, you'll need to be specific about what services you need from which Bar...
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Sandy Lane Property
by Albert Scheper. Sandy Lane is a Barbados beach in the Caribbean islands. The place is said to be the playground of popular celebrities, businesspeople, movie personalities, and even monarchs and aristocrats from all over the world. The Sandy Lane properties are par...
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Caribbean Living, a Must-try Experience
by Albert Scheper. Want to live in comfortable and paradisic islands of Caribbean? If you're tired of living in a urban areas and want to experience a different ways of living, Caribbean is your best choice. What would it take for you to find the best place in the Car...
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Probing the Pros of Hiring a Barbados Property Management Firm
by Albert Scheper. Barbados Property Management is basically a service by which your Barbados property will be managed completely on your behalf. The best Barbados Property Management offers personalized services for your convenience...
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What to Know About Buying a Property in the Caribbean
by Albert Scheper. Buying Caribbean Property is not as simple as walking into your travel agent's office and ordering a ticket to the Caribbean. There is actually more to buying Caribbean property than meets the eye. What gives?...
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Acquiring Caribbean Real Estate Soon
by Albert Scheper. Why Caribbean? Sounds a best place to go anytime of the year, isn't it? That's right. Realize that the Caribbean is a pretty big place. A stunning over 7,000 islands, cays, reefs and islets, this entire Caribbean Islands chains collectively span a t...
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Mark Your Name on it Through Barbados
by Albert Scheper. Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to acquire your own valuable piece of Barbados Real Estate? Yes, actually it is most possible. All you need to do is find a ...
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Belize Real Estate - Inevitable Growth?
by Poyel Nelson. The headline on the International Living Magazine in December 2007 is straight forward: 'Belize: buy before the Europeans!' Amongst the financial crises triggered by the real estate market woos in the US caution is advisable over such a bullish stat...
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Barbados - Caribbean Calling
by Anthony Defrietas. Barbados, the jewel of the Caribbean, is known for its warm, friendly culture and modern culture. Enjoying a very high standard of living and stable political climate, Barbados has a flourishing expat community making it an ideal relocation destinat...
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Coconut Grove Real Estate - Cocowalk Caribbean Style
by Hector Lesende. Coconut Grove Real Estate - Cocowalk Caribbean Style by: Hector Lesende Coconut Grove is located in the state of Florida and it has distinction
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Merricks Beach Resort and Residence
by Anthony Defrietas. Purchasing property within a Barbados beach resort is becoming more and more popular these days. Not only do you have the benefit of a beautiful oceanside home, but in most cases property owners have access to many of the facilities offered by the ...
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The Bahamas Becomes a Primary Market for Second-home Buyers
by Joel Greene. Endless pristine beaches. Sunshine year-round. A take-it-slow lifestyle. And all just a short flight from the U.S. If you could find one place that offered all this and more, wouldn't you love a vacation home there?That's what numerous developer...
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Looking at Belize Real Estate for Sale
by Geoff Amerson. Belize is lined with the most amazing beaches as well as private islands with perfect weather and views. Even though the real estate markets in America change drastically this is the case for some areas of the world. Investing in Belize allows you t...
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Investing in the Bahamas
by Pasquale Lo Mascolo. Welcome to The Bahamas, where relaxation meets luxury. This country is made up of hundreds of islands and cays, protected by an eco-friendly government, working to preserve the fragile ecology. The Bahamas has become such a popular destination that ...
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Buying in Barbados
by Anthony Defrietas. The reality of buying property in Barbados is simple: you will need some legal representation. Purchasing property anywhere, local or otherwise it is always smart to get some legal advice. Buying property in Barbados has a fairly set structure and f...
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Tips For Investing In Caribbean Real Estate
by Darlene Berkel. If you've always dreamed of having your own piece of paradise, then Caribbean real estate could be for you. Whether you are considering making an idyllic island your home, are considering an investment property, or just want somewhere nice to vacati...
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Cayman Islands Real Estate
by Seth Willis Jr.. Property in the Cayman Islands can run the gamut from single family homes that are situated inland to million dollar, ultra luxurious beachfront properties. Whether you are seeking a single bedroom apartment or a sumptuous estate located right on th...
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St. Kitts And Nevis Real Estate
by Seth Willis Jr.. St. Kitts and Nevis are two unique islands in the Caribbean. They offer a tropical paradise that is lush and rich landscape with a South Pacific atmosphere. St. Kitts and Nevis real estate is popular among investors for its luxurious landscape. Mou...
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Dominica Real Estate
by Seth Willis Jr.. The Caribbean island of Dominica, or The Commonwealth of Dominica, is also known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Dominica should not be confused with the Dominican Republic, they are completely separate nations. It is located in the Eastern Car...
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Barbados Real Estate
by Parag Sheth. About BarbadosBarbados was discovered by Portuguese explorer Pedro Campos in 1536, when he named the island Os Barbados ("The Bearded Ones") which was subsequently shortened to Barbados. The Island is located just off the coast of South America, w...
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Jamaica Real Estate
by Seth Willis. Jamaica is one of the most alluring islands in the Caribbean. A land of mountains, miles of powder white sands and Crimson sunsets, Jamaica is every travelers dream destination. Jamaica is famous for three things - rum, reggae and reefers. What Jama...
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Bahamas Real Estate
by Seth Willis. When you think of the Bahamas, your mind is flooded with images of whitewashed beaches, tall and swaying palm trees, lilting music, and a sense of joie de vivre! Just as Bahamas is one of the top-most travel destinations in the world, similarly the ...
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Belize Real Estate
by Seth Willis. Belize may be one of the many islands in the Caribbean but that's not all. This tropical paradise is also the northern most county in Central America and until 1973, it was known as British Honduras, as it was under British rule. Belize gained indep...
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