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Get Organised for Christmas... NOW!
Topic : Christmas Party Planning : Christmas Plan & Christmas Planning
by Lorraine Pirihi. Hasn't time flown? Only six weeks to Christmas! Now you may think that you're too busy to even contemplate that far ahead, however if you don't get your act together and prepare well in advance, inst...
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Low on Cash for Christmas? Try Gifts in a Jar
Topic : Christmas Gift Ideas : Cookie Recipe & Christmas Cookie
by Kristin Johnson. Time is money, and right now you don't have either the time or the money to answer the call of the shopping mall at Christmas. The only way you can show your friends love, peace on earth, goodwill to...
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15 Ways to Create Some Extra Holiday Money
Topic : Earn Extra Money : Make Extra Money & Earn Extra Cash
by Skye Thomas. Originally this was going to be a list for my two teenagers but some of these ideas are better suited to adults with a valid driver's license and a bit of know-how. Some of these take a bit of plann...
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Tips For Less Holiday Stress
Topic : Holiday Stress Tips : Stress Management & Managing Stress
by Deborah Martin. Holiday Stress? Some Tips For Having Less We all dream of having wonderful holidays. We start each day full of the spirit of the season. We look at the lovely fresh fallen snow, and marvel at the bea...
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How To Save Money On Christmas Gifts
Topic : Gift For Christmas : Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas & Christmas Gift
by Maria Estarellas. How many times have you spent more that you could afford on Christmas gifts for your family and friends? How many times have you bought gifts that weren't what you were looking for and on top of tha...
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Christmas Shopping Online
Topic : Christmas Shopping Online : Christmas Shopping & Online Shopping
by Ebe Heng. Christmas shopping online is not for you? If you are one of those that share this thought, you probably like to enjoy the atmosphere of physical shopping. Doing your Christmas shopping online despite...
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The Magic Of Gift Giving At Christmas
Topic : Christmas Gifts Online : Shop Online & Shop On Line
by Adriana Copaceanu. Regardless of age, almost everyone can remember at least a few magic moments of their past at Christmas time. Even in our fifties and sixties, we can still very precisely recall how our parents celeb...
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Successful Holiday Gift Giving Starts with a Plan
Topic : Christmas Gift Idea : Gift Ideas For Christmas & Gift Buying
by Wendy Wood. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the clock is ticking down as we grow closer to the holiday festivities. By now, many have either started thinking about what they are going to purchase...
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25 Festive Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas
Topic : Christmas Wrapping Paper : Christmas Gift Wrap & Gift Wrap
by Abigail Amy Beal. Christmas is coming - soon it will be time to wrap holiday gifts! Do you want to do something different with your gift wrap this year? Here are twenty five festive holiday gift wrap ideas guaranteed ...
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A Diamond Christmas 2004!
Topic : Christmas Gifts Ideas : Diamond Gifts & Diamond Jewelry
by Keith Thompson. When Archduke Maximillian of Austria bestowed a diamond ring on Mary of Burgundy in 1477, giving a diamond as a symbol of love and commitment was birthed. Prior to this only royalty wore diamonds, be...
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Learn To Save Hard Cash This Festive Season
Topic : Cash Back Shopping : Cash Back & Cash Back Rebates
by Ricky Ahuja. Time was when shopping was a painful experience, a chore to be lived with. Cash Back schemes have now brought the fun back into shopping. One can now shop online and purchase all that you need withou...
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Thats the Christmas Spirit
Topic : The Christmas Spirit : Holiday Season & Christmas Season
by David Leonhardt. Last Christmas, Uncle Albert promised his neighbor, Wilson, to find a way to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year. You know, just like Wilson and everybody else wishes people each year. Yesterda...
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Dear Santa: Christmas Sucks!
Topic : Christmas Spirit : Christmas Holiday & The Christmas Season
by Daggi Pulz. Christmas time is finally here, and most people during this holiday are happier than a fat kid eating a Krispy Kreme donut. Christmas brings so many great things to the table; the caroling, the NO SC...
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The Christmas Dress
Topic : Girls Christmas Dresses : Christmas Dresses & Christmas Dress
by LeAnn R. Ralph. (From the book: Christmas in Dairyland — True Stories from a Wisconsin Farm; August 2003; trade paperback; http://ruralroute2.com) From the time I was a very little girl, I had always loved to watch ...
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Jesus Is Not Acceptable For Christmas
Topic : Meaning of Christmas : The Meaning of Christmas & Christmas
by Jan McCracken. It's CHRISTmas! Where are the wise men? WOW - The wise men are MISSING! What kind of Christmas is this anyway? Are you caught up in the "season" with this Christmas thing? Do YOU know where the wise ...
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Simplify the Season
Topic : Ideas For Christmas : Idea For Christmas & Christmas Idea
by Megan Corwin. Let's take a look at a typical Christmas To-Do list: bake cookies, buy and make gifts, attend office party, church commitments, address and mail cards, clean the house for guests, decorate...it goes ...
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New Ways to Use Old Christmas Cards
Topic : Christmas Greeting Cards : Christmas Cards & Christmas Card
by LeAnn R. Ralph. Forty years ago when I was growing up on our dairy farm in Wisconsin, my mother always saved the Christmas cards she had received in the mail. In those days, people sent many more Christmas cards tha...
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Whatever Happened to Christmas?
Topic : Christmas Short Stories : Christmas Stories & Christmas Story
by LeAnn R. Ralph. Remember when no one started Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving? Wisconsin author LeAnn R. Ralph remembers it very well. "When I was growing up on our dairy farm forty years ago, the stores ...
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What to Do When You Are Alone for the Holidays
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.. Being alone for the holidays is a major challenge for many people. Holidays often conjure images of family, of warmth and the sharing of special time. Loneliness can be overwhelming when you have no ...
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Christmas Matters
Topic : Celebration of Christmas & Shopping for Christmas
by Lois Reeve. Every year I vow to make Christmas easier, simpler - less stressful. Have I ever? One year I tried forgetting Christmas here in the UK and spent it in the Canary Islands. It was quite extraordinary ...
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Adam Smith the Real-life Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Won
Topic : What is Christmas : Origin of Christmas & What is Christmas Day
by George Matafonov. At about this time each year, without fail, the lament will go out about how the real meaning of Christmas has been lost. This pre-Christmas tut-tutting is as much of a tradition as the obligatory Ch...
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Inexpensive Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids
Topic : Christmas Stocking Ideas & Christmas Stocking Stuffers
by Jeffrey Strain. After all the gifts have been purchased and placed under the tree, that is the time that many remember in a panic that the stockings over the fireplace still need to be stuffed. Holiday budgets have ...
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Decorate for Christmas
Topic : Christmas Home Decor : Christmas Decorations & Christmas Decor
by Caroline Shaw. It’s your home/your apartment and you want to make it a special sanctuary this Christmas. How can you create a special place for your family and you? Well, we already have our centerpiece…see Novembe...
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Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas
Topic : Cheap Christmas Gifts : Cheap Christmas Ideas & Christmas Gifts
by Shannon Jarvies. Now that the biggest shopping season of the year is in full swing it might be a good time to create a holiday budget. I'm sure there are lots of names on your list, but hopefully you can find gifts t...
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Virtual Assistants... Even Santa Needs One!
Topic : Virtual Assistant Services : Virtual Assistant & Virtual PA
by Janet Barclay. Trying to fit all the planning and preparing and celebrating of the holiday season into an already busy schedule can bring a lot of stress to a time of year that's supposed to be full of peace. These...
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