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Spruce Up Your Garden With Decorative Birdhouses
Topic : Home Garden Decor : Garden Decor & Birdhouses
by Johann Erickson. Decorative Birdhouses are active garden ornamentation --the presence and movement of birds creates a fluid focal point for your garden. As such, placement is critical for you to earn maximum benefit ...
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Gardening - Natural Science NOT Rocket Science..
Topic : Outdoor Garden Decor : Gardening Tips & Gardening Ideas
by Linda Gray. Don't force yourself out of the most profitable hobby in the universe because you think it's too hard to learn ...It isn't! Gardening is fast becoming the world's number one hobby, and with all the l...
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10 Free Gardening Products
Topic : Garden Design Ideas : Garden Supplies & Gardening Accessories
by Linda Gray. One of the pleasurable spin-offs in organic gardening is finding alternative ways of coming up with the same, if not better, end result..... Household throwaways can be valuable to the alternate enth...
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Hydroponics Gardening
Topic : Hydroponic Gardening : Hydroponics & Hydroponic Systems
by Mike Yeager. Hydroponics gardening is the perfect solution for anybody who wants a garden, but does not have enough space or dirt. Hydroponics gardening is, simply put, a method of growing plants using a nutrien...
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Mosquito Farms? Is That What Water Gardens Are?
Topic : Garden Water Features : Garden Ponds & Mosquito Control
by Scottie Johnson. What is nicer that a lovely backyard garden pond. The lush growth rising above the water, graceful fish darting about and the soothing sound of the water. These are just a few of the reasons people a...
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Seeds and more Seeds...What your Garden Needs
Topic : Seeds to Grow : Garden Seeds & Quality Seeds
by Mike Yeager. Seeds are the most important ingredient in all gardening. Without quality seeds it would be impossible to have a beautiful garden. True seeds vary in size from the dust-like seeds of some orchids to ...
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Release Some Tension...Spend Some Time In Your Garden
Topic : Plants and Gardening : Garden Designs & Stress Reduction
by Mike Yeager. Gardening can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing hobbies that you can engage in. Picture a beautiful spring day, the sweet smell of grass in the air and you get to go out and work the soil and...
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Happening Hemp - 10 Uses For This Hardy Plant
by infocus. Hemp is one of the oldest known plants cultivated for an industrial purpose. It can be traces all the way back to 8000 BC in the Middle East and China. The fiber from the hemp plant was used to make a variety of textiles, and the seeds were eaten. He...
Tags : How Plants Grow

Growing Coffee Pods
by rsbombard. Growth of coffee effectively and efficiently happens in the regions, between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, where there is abundant rainfall, round the year with temperatures averaging around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and having no frost. The ide...
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Can Coffee Be Used As A Fertilizer?
by javajake. Used coffee grounds have been discarded as trash by millions of people around the world. Is there another use for your used grounds? The answer is "yes," and the more you learn about the used coffee grounds the more sense it makes to use them as a fe...
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How to Benefit From Indoor Gardening
by jraynal. Indoor gardening has many benefits. Indoor plants can brighten a room, provide moisture to the dry indoor winter air, and also supply oxygen during the day. You don't have to have green thumb to grow indoor plants; there are some low maintenance pl...
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Better Gardens And Backyard Tips
by zupatips. A nice backyard or garden is a perfect addition to any house, it creates a place for family members to sit outside, enjoy the outdoors and change their atmosphere completely. Once you have a place that has an outdoor backyard or garden you will need ...
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Add a Water Garden to Your Landscape
by depotgang. Garden ideas and themes are incomplete without a waterscape. Water gardens can be created both indoors and outdoors. Indoor water gardens can be maintained more easily than the outdoor one. One may wish to create this type of garden for water plants ...
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Using a Plat Guides for Home Gardening
by depotgang. The secret to a well-maintained garden is the knowledge about plant needs. No matter how beautifully designed the garden is, if the plants look unhealthy and uncared for then the whole essence of gardening fails. It is easy to acquire plant informati...
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Growing The Delighful Flowering Crabapple Tree
by leedobbins. Flowers are one of the most delightful creations that nature has to offer but not all flowers need to grow at ground level. In fact, the flowering crabapple tree offers a gorgeous cascade of flowers right at eye level. Crabapple trees are very popula...
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Growing Flowering Cherry Trees
by leedobbins. The flowering cherry tree is a very popular landscape tree. When they are in full bloom, they will surely provide the best aesthetics in any garden. They can make any yard bloom with the wonderful colors of spring. Cherry trees can have red, black or...
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Fall Lawn and Garden Pests
by tmgallery. With the cool weather of the fall season, most lawn and garden pests and diseases begin to dwindle away. Yet, there are a few lawn and garden pests that thrive off of the cool temperatures of the fall season. ...
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Enhance Your Garden With Flowering Trees
by leedobbins. Flowering trees can add beauty to your landscape and enhance your garden but when choosing trees you have a few things to consider. First of all, you want to be sure to select a tree whose height will be a good match for the spot you are putting it ...
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How To Care Properly For Your Fruit Tree
by gavrem. If you have just recently planted a new fruit tree, I think it is safe to assume you are not yet an expert on the subject. More fruit trees die in their beginning years due to poor care habits than any disease or pestilence. Therefore it is vital tha...
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Planting Herbs in the Fall
by tmgallery. For gardeners who have tried and possibly failed at planting herbs in the spring or summer, you may have already figured out that planting in the fall is usually best for many herbs. Especially for herbs grown from bulbs, planting them in the fall gi...
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Growing Perennials
by patrick6. Perennials, by definition, are plants that live for three or more years. This would stretch from dandelions to redwoods and many species in between. When refers to perennials, they are talking about flowering garden plants with herbaceous stems. Thes...
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Pest Control In The Perennial Garden
by 25072911. One of the many advantages of growing perennials is the ability of these beautiful flowers to return to full bloom season after season. While this ability to bloom repeatedly is one of the things that makes perennials so special, it also introduces ...
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A Self-sufficient Water Garden
by languagemaster. One of the primary advantages of choosing to have a water garden is that if you plan it well, a water garden will maintain itself. With a water garden, you can say goodbye to traditional garden tasks like raking, mowing, weeding, digging, and tillin...
Tags : Plant Life

What A Water Garden Can Teach You
by languagemaster. A water garden provides a wonderful educational opportunity for kids and adults alike. The process of designing a water garden is a great entry into the world of Japanese history, the study of aesthetics and design, and some exciting fundamentals of...
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Planting Bamboo The Right Way
by 60capp11. Bamboo is regarded as such a hardy plant and it's uses are endless. From bamboo floors to bamboo blinds and home decoration, it's natures most versatile plant. But it can be vulnerable. For those of us who love to plant bamboo, there is a critical st...
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