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ADD and the Gift of Resilience
by Tony Sinclair. Attention Deficit Disorder challenges people in diverse ways. A number of us have the most difficulty in fixing attention and thinking, just as a few of us have a big trouble in managing feelings. No matter the problem, there is one guaranteed way to...
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8 Must-Have Skills to Manage ADD
by Tony Sinclair. A lot of adults with ADD perceive themselves constantly weighed down with every day life. They may wake up feeling like they are behind the schedule on all the things they have to do, use up the entire day on high speed so as to get all those things ...
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The ADD Child - Challenging Parents, Teachers and Friends
by Jeanne Bauer. The ADD child exhibits a series of behaviors that are common in most children. Most children misbehave, act silly and day dream. So what, then, is the difference? The child with Attention Deficit Disorder exhibits these behaviors in a constant and ex...
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How to Listen to Your Teenager Without Appearing to Have ADD
by V. Michael Santoro, M. Ed.. In one of the Family Circus cartoon strips, the little girl looks up at her father, who is reading the newspaper, and says, "Daddy, you have to listen with your eyes as well as your ears." That statement says almost all there is to say about listenin...
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Attention Deficit Disorder: New Perspectives
by Mary F. Zesiewicz, Md. I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist and have been practicing for 20 years. For almost half of my professional career, I have practiced Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The primary reason for referral, by far, was Attention Deficit Disorder.Over the y...
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