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Symptoms of Mesothelioma
by TheBusinessPro. The term "Mesothelioma" in medical terms is defined as form of cancer that proliferates at a very fast rate after it has been diagnosed, which affects the mesothelial cells in the body. After detailed study of this disease by several scientists all o...
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Drinking Tea May Guard Against Ovarian Cancer
by nweaver. Consuming two or more cups of tea a day over a period of time may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer dramatically, suggests a new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. And each additional cup of tea per day appears to provide significa...
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Myths About Skin Cancer Are You Safe?
by webcorp. Sara spends much of her summer near the beach. She lives in a mild climate and is very athletic. She loves to swim, bike and play games outdoors. Sara knows the dangers of the sun and so she opts for tanning salons to get her 'golden glow' while bein...
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4 Steps for You to Help Yourself During Chemotherapy
by nemock. Chemotherapy is a word that causes dread in most who hear it. It is a time of stress as well as risk. If you, or someone you know, are facing chemotherapy, these four simple steps may help get through the process with better spirits and better result...
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Do Fruit and Vegetables Protect You From Cancer
by Patrick Beaufay. According to the the result of a recent American study of epidemiology, realized by a team of? School of public health of Harvard, the regular consumption of fruit and vegetables w
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Brain Tumor and Cancer Treatment
by Alien. A brain tumor is any intracranial tumor created by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division, normally either in the brain itself (neurons, glial cells (astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, ependyma
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10 Most Likely Cancers You Are Going To Get
by Paul Wilson. One of the greatest concerns America has today is cancer. The figures are alarming according to the National Cancer Institute studies a total of 1,372,910 new cases of cancer and 570, 280 deaths were predicted for the year 2005. Approximately one in...
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Cancer In Your Bathroom?
by Tracey Anne. When the alarm rings she slowly gets out of bed, turns on the shower and under the steady stream of warm water, she gently scrubs her body with Ammonia, Formaldehyde and Phenol.Next, she shampoos her tinted hair with DEA and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.Rin...
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Causes of Prostate Cancer
by Trevor Mulholland. The study of prostate cancer has come a long way since its identification in 1853. Information concerning diagnostic methods, treatment options and even the pathophysiological characteristics of this condition has been provided in useful details by r...
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Things To Look For With Skin Cancer
by Mitchell Hampson. The other day, I was taken by the hair coloring of a clerk at the local store. I commented on how beautiful it was, with the dark base and the natural-looking streaks, as if the sun had touched her alone; and we began a conversation of how when we w...
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Treatment of Prostate Cancer After Diagnosis
by Trevor Mulholland. Prostate cancer symptoms are mostly similar with those of other prostate conditions, particularly benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). Although there are cases where they do not appear, particularly if the disease is in its earliest stage, some men do...
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Herbal Remedies & Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer
by Trevor Mulholland. The debate surrounding the effectiveness of using natural cures for prostate cancer has gone on for quite some time. Although some people are advocating the use of herbal medicines and other natural processes in treating cancer, most of the scientifi...
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Prostate Cancer Treatment: Alternative Therapies & Natural Cures
by Trevor Mulholland. Complementary and alternative therapies for cancer of the prostate are health care practices that are not usually part of common medical treatment methods. These therapies can include natural cures for prostate cancer such as herbs, vitamins and mine...
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Cancer - The Chemical Connection
by Jean Shaw. Everyday we are exposed to numerous pollutants and you would have to be incredibly deluded not to make some association between modern society and ill health."You have cancer" must be one of the most frightening phrases a person can hear and thankful...
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Breast Cancer Treatment: Popular Alternatives
by Brooke Hayles. Every year, more than 1.2 million people are told they have breast cancer. Very rarely, even men will develop this disease. Breast cancer is second only to heart disease as the leading killer of adult aged women in America. Thanks to recent advancem...
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Cancer Treatment: Alternative Cures & Popular Treatment Options
by David Maillie. Medical science has taken great strides forward. However, the vulnerability to many diseases like cancer, remain. Thus, billions of dollars are spent on researching alternative cancer cure treatments every year through out the world. Alternative canc...
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The Truth Behind Metastatic Lung Cancer
by David Silva. Unlike other forms of lung cancer, metastatic lung cancer is the result of a cancer from another part of the body spreading to the lungs. When a malignancy develops in the body (most often in the breasts, colon, prostate, or bladder, though almost al...
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The Problems Of Prostate Cancer- What You Need To Know
by Ray La Foy. What is the prostrate? It is a male gland and it can be found between the bladder and the urethra. The problems start when this gland gets enlarged or inflamed. No one really knows why this cancer occurs and there is a lot of research being done to f...
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Dealing with Cancer In My Family
by DavidPaul Doyle. I am a 27 year old wife and mother of two beautiful girls, ages two and four, yet I still have this empty feeling within me. I have a lot to be thankful for and have a terrific family but still there is a void. I have gone through years of my life de...
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Prostate Cancer Diet: Isoflavones & Polyphenols
by Khim Lim. One of the biggest risk factors associated with the incidence of prostate cancer is diet. The Westernized diet of red meat and saturated fat is thought to significantly contribute to the probability of an individual developing prostate cancer and so ...
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Can Mangosteen Kill Cancer Cells?
by David Schwind. The mangosteen fruit is grown primarily in Southeast Asia and is often called the "Queen of All Fruits". The scientific name is Garcinia mangostana and it is mostly known for its intriguing flavor and many folk mangosteen fruit benefits.The dark purp...
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Something on Prostate Cancer
by Darren Dunner. If you have just learned that you have prostate cancer or know someone who has been diagnosed with it, you may be feeling depressed and angry. However such type of cancer can be treated and you can go on living a normal and healthy life again. The tr...
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Something on Lung Cancer
by Darren Dunner. Lung Cancer is the most common and lethal of the cancers that one can be diagnosed with; however there are also effective treatments for patients suffering from lung cancer.Most cases of lung cancer are smoking related, but not all smokers will devel...
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Is Brain Cancer Dreadful
by Darren Dunner. Everyone fears the word cancer. However most types of cancers can be beaten, if you catch it up soon enough, and even if you dont there are new treatments coming out by the minute everyday that will help you fight and successfully beat cancer. There ...
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Skin Cancer Can Be Avoided
by Riley Hendersen. Skin cancer is diagnosed more often than all other cancers combined. In 2006, more than 62,000 people in the United States discovered they had this cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. More than 9,000 people died from it.Ultraviolet or U...
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