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Beautiful Brisbane - Your Quick Guide
Topic : Brisbane Information : Information on Brisbane & Guide to Brisbane
by Jenny Brewer . Brisbane city is relaxing, friendly and vibrant, and an ideal base for your car hire holiday. It deserves more than just a quick visit. It is a tourist destination in itself. With over two million residents, Brisbane is no longer the 'small country t...
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Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef
Topic : Great Barrier Reef Cairns : Cairns Information & Cairns Info
by Jenny Brewer . Famous for its tropical rainforests, Great Barrier Reef and sunny skies, Cairns is the hub of North Queensland, and is the ideal destination for the car hire traveller searching for rugged wilderness and beauty.
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Coffs Coast and countryside
Topic : Coffs Harbour Australia : Coffs Harbour & Coffs Harbour New South Wales
by Jenny Brewer . The Coffs Coast is a magnificent region of Australia. Spread inland from Dorrigo to the beach town of Woolgoolga down to the Scotts Head, with Coffs Harbour in the centre,it is ideal for a driving holiday. Inland the rainforest beckons you on to nati...
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Devonport and Historical Towns
Topic : Devonport : Devonport Australia & Devonport Tasmania
by Jenny Brewer. The port city of Devonport is known as the gateway to Tasmania as it is also home to the Spirit of Tasmania. If you are bringing your vehicle over on the car ferry from Port Melbourne you can choose from night or day crossings, which takes roughly 9-...
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Freycinet and the East Coast
Topic : Tasmania Travel : Tasmania Attractions & Discover Tasmania
by Jenny Brewer . From the most adventurous to the novice car hire traveller, Tasmania has everything that would suit the most unique tastes. From rugged mountains to lavender farms and historical villages, there is so much to see in every part of this unique state. T...
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Going on an Australian Tour
Topic : Holiday Destinations: Northern Australian Tours; An Embellisment of Multiple Cultures
by Paul Smith . Going on an Australian tour can include anything from wandering the tropical rainforests of northern Australia, to taking in the night life in the capital city of Sydney. Whether your penchant is for lush and untouched scenery or fine wine and entert...
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Launceston and the North East
Topic : Travel to Launceston : Launceston Australia & Launceston Tasmania
by Jenny Brewer . Launceston is one of Tasmania’s most attractive cities, for many reasons. Located in the Tamar Valley, it is also known as 'the garden city' and lies at the intersection of the Tamar and South Esk Rivers. This is one region you can’t miss during ...
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Magnificent Mackay in Queensland
Topic : Mackay Information : Mackay Queensland & Mackay QLD
by Jenny Brewer . Known for its sugar cane plantations and beautiful beaches, the city of Mackay is central for car hire travelers along the magnificent East Coast of Australia. With a population nearing 80 000, Mackay is a popular tourist destination and often used a...
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Northern Highlands and the Great Lakes
Topic : Tasmania Adventure : Tasmania Vacations & Tasmanian Travel
by Jenny Brewer . Tasmania is truly an island which is perfect for car hire holidays. There is always stunning scenery and fantastic roads, and those in central Tasmania are no exception. With rugged mountain ranges and breathtaking landscapes, this area is for the ad...
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Off the Beaten Path - Traveling in Queensland, Australia
Topic : Hinchinbrook Island Australia : Hinchinbrook Island & Hinchinbrook Island Travel
by Marcela Devivo . Located in northern Queensland, Australia, Hinchinbrook Island is separated from Queensland by a narrow channel called the Hinchinbrook Channel. The town of Ingham and Cairns lie just to the south and access to the area is quite limited.Part of the r...
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Stanthorpe, Queenslands: The Wine Capital of Australia
Topic : Stanthorpe Information : Stanthorpe QLD & Stanthorpe Queensland
by Jenny Brewer . Stanthorpe is a picturesque town known for its amazing national parks, historical buildings and wineries, located on the New England Highway close to the New South Wales border. It has become more popular over the last few years as a tourist destinat...
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Great White Shark Attack In Australia
by ChrisChew. The AFP reported on 25 Jan 2007 that a brave scuba diver repelled a Great White Shark attack yesterday. How did this man escaped from the most feared predator of the sea, the monstrous Great White Shark which is known to grow up to 30 feet long and c...
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A Memorable Stay in Brisbane
by Chris Alfreds. I was lying in bed last night thinking of the sensational Brisbane accommodation we stayed at on our recent holiday to Australia. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is located in the south east corner of the state. Brisbane is a fantastic...
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Campervan Hire in Australia
. Traveling is the most regarded lifestyle an individual can invest on since it involves constant and solid planning and cooperative external factors like the weather condition. But one cannot deny the intense feeling he gets from starting off on his f...
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Australian Government To Grant 144,000 Residence Visas
. The total migration (non-humanitarian) programme for 2006-07 is in the range of 134 000 to 144 000 places. This will comprise 97 500 places in the Skill Stream and 46 000 places in the Family Stream.On the back of a record jump in migration of 20 000...
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Meat workers needed in Western Australia
. Brits in the meat industry hoping to migrate to Australia could find the answer in Western Australia, as the government is committing more funds to attracting skilled migrants.Skilled meat workers are to be granted temporary entry into Western Austra...
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Same Sex Partners, come to Australia
. SKILLED migrants would soon be able to sponsor same-sex partners to come to Australia, said the Immigration Minister.She said citizens and permanent residents could now sponsor same-sex partners to migrate to Australia but skilled migrants were not o...
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Rush for citizenship to beat tougher test
. PLANS for a tougher citizenship test have prompted a surge in applications from people trying to beat its introduction, likely to be in September.Citizenship applications across Australia last month were 44 per cent higher than for April last year. I...
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Migrants Essential to the Development of Australias Economy
. Australian businesses have been able to identify and attract much needed skills with greater success under the Government's Migration Programme in 2005-06. Due to improved targeting by the Government of skilled migrants there has been a 500 per cent ...
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Get your Australian Skilled and Working Visa
. THE skills shortage is hitting business hard, with turnover on the rise, more companies recruiting staff from overseas and workers picking up the biggest salary increases in Western Australia and Queensland, both riding high on the mining boom.The Au...
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Bracks to urge migrant boost! Australian working Visa made easy!
. PREMIER Steve Bracks will push for an increase of 10,000 skilled migrants to Australia in the next financial year as skills shortages continue to bite in the regions.Employer groups are urging the Federal Government to increase the skilled migrant pr...
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Travel Australias Outback
by neo. Perhaps one of the most charming things about the the Australian Outback is its stubborn changeability. Even its seemingly rigid mountains of rocks have their way of changing right before your eyes, as if the landscape refuses all human effort to be...
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Australia Immigration Defines Skilled Applicant
Topic : Australia Immigration Defining the Qualities of Skilled Applicant
by Phillip Sim. Australia is the smallest continent yet the world's largest island. With a land size approximately equal to Europe, it has a population of over 20 million, majority of them reside in and around areas surrounding the key metropolitan cities of Perth,...
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Australian Wine Regions
by Tatyana Kogut.. Wine-growing is one of the most dynamic branches of Australian industry, and during the last 40 years it faced many important changes. For instance, in the mid 50-s an average statistical Australian drank about 1 glass of wine per year. But nowadays ...
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