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Jasper Park & Jasper Attractions
What to do in Jasper [1k-10k]
Topic : What to do in Jasper & Things to do in Jasper
by Felicity Walker. July and August are the peak times to visit Jasper National Park, the largest and one of the most beautiful parks in the Canadian Rockies. But if you don't mind colder weather and like your lakes frozen, you can avoid tourists by visiting in the few ...
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Best USA National Parks for Hiking
by Donald Saunders. U.S. national parks are packed with overnight treks that offer epic views and impressive climbs. If you enjoy hiking then there can be no better setting for a day's hiking than the many wonderful national parks of the United States.
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Double J Ranch Horseback Riding
by Jetsetters Magazine. Evan and the other ranch hands that epitomize the superior customer service evident everywhere at the Double JJ Ranch and Thoroughbred Golf Resort in Rothbury, Michigan made me want to stay there, too.The ranch and golf resort are just north of Grand...
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Adventure Travel Discounts For Tourists
by Lindenwalhard. When it comes to vacations, so many people choose to spend their time on a beach enjoying the sun. However, not everyone wants to spend their time off lying on a beach all day and that is where adventure holidays come in handy. Now you may think that...
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Adventure Travel
by Dennis Cheesman. There are several different types of adventure travel to pursue. In fact, there is probably a type of adventure travel suitable for every individual. Are you wondering how that can be? Due to the fact that every individual defines the meaning of the ...
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Adventure Travel to Make a Difference
by Charles Brown. Adventure travel comes in many forms, But I recently came across http://www.i-to-i.com/, which puts a whole new spin on the definition of adventure vacations.i-to-i helps people make a difference while they see the world, by creating opportunities fo...
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Adventure Travel - Close And Cheap
by Steven Gillman. Adventure travel is becoming more popular all the time. It can be very expensive, though, and even a bit too dangerous for some of us. It doesn't have to either, though. Here are a few ideas for small adventures you can afford. They are followed by a...
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Adventure Weekends
by Darren Hitz. With the advent of the Internet, young professional are able to book airlines, hotels, rental cars on their own, but they still need assistance in putting them together and adding the services of trusted providers on the ground for such activities as...
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Baños Ecuador: Volcano Tours and Discos
Topic : Baños Ecuador; Volcano Tours and Discos
by Steven Gillman. My wife and I spent a week in Banos, Ecuador. Our clean hotel room, with cable TV, cost $6 per night. It was $12 normally, but we're good negotiators. We paid just $1 for lunch each day ($2.25 total for both, with tip), which was usually chicken, ric...
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Chiva Express Train Tour
by Eric Castro. On June 25, 2005 Metropolitan Touring started the operation of its highlight rail tours along the Ecuadorian Andes and down to the Coast, with new one-car vehicles on tracks, called the "Chiva Express". The Chiva has long been a favorite means of tra...
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Pocono Mountain Resorts - Visit Them Not Just In Winter
by Alainschuster. Pocono Mountain Resorts offer you the chance to explore this wonderful area of Pennsylvania not just in the winter time. In fact these resorts are open throughout the year and even though they are renowned for their skiing facilities there are plent...
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Volcano Hospitality
by Gayle Olson. Kilauea volcano has for quite some time has enticed and fascinated visitors. Since the mid-1800s, The Volcano House Hotel has sat on the edge of Kilauea caldera. Between the years of 1865-1955 the hotel maintained a register which has recorded the ex...
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Mount Chimborazo: Climbing Glaciers Near The Equator
by Steve Gillman. Driving Up Mount ChimborazoIt is easier to climb a mountain when the guide drives you to 15,000 feet. Don't get me wrong. Climbing that last 5,600 feet was one of the most difficult things I've done, but not for the skill required. The fact that the ...
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Smokey Mountain Cabins - There Is Only One!
by David Buster. Did you know there are no Smokey Mountain cabins for vacation rentals inside the Great Smokey Mountains National Park - except one! It is called Leconte Lodge. Even though the National Park Service Leconte Lodge is called a lodge, it also includes re...
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The mountain town of Arahova
by Jakob Jelling. Visiting this town can almost be like going back to the past and discover many characteristics and constructions from antique époques while forgetting about modern life worries and lifestyles.The mountain town of Arahova can be found at about 35 kil...
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Chimborazo: Climbing Glaciers Near The Equator
by Steven Gillman. Climbing the glaciers to the summit of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador isn't highly technical. It is mountaineering, but how hard can it be, considering I went to 20,600 feet the first time I used crampons and an ice axe? Okay, I used them once for pract...
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Frontier & Mountain West, by Elana Andersen
by Rajinder Dogra. ArizonaP.M. Enterprises has opened a new tour operation in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Owner Cathie (Priddy) Marshall, formerly with GlobeMasters Travel Network and All Around Branson, identified the need for group tour receptive services which specializ...
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39 Miles In The Smoky Mountains
by Steven Gillman. The Smoky Mountains can be hard on the ankles, and it rains a lot. I learned this on the first day of my hike, both through experience and from the stories of the other hikers. This was good, though, because hiking this stretch of the Appalachian Tra...
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Trekking Poles And Walking Sticks
by Steven Gillman. Are walking sticks longer than trekking poles? What about hiking staffs and hiking sticks? Whatever you call them, and whatever their differences, they are supposed to help your knees more than anything. This they do very well, at least when you're g...
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Adorned by mountains, fjords and Glaciers
by Vivek Kuriyal. Norway redefines the beauty by the presence of stunning mountains, glaciers and fjords. The long sea strip and delightful summer days decorates this country with unfading beauty and splendor. Rich in historic assets and unspoiled fishing rural areas ...
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Licked By A Mountain Goat
by Steven Gillman. A mountain goat isn't very afraid of people,? I had heard. But I was still surprised when I saw one walking in front of me on the rocks. I was 12,500 feet up on Mount Shavano (in Colorado), and he was less than 40 feet away from me. He watched me, I ...
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by Tatyana Kogut.. One of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka is the "the five districts on the mountain", Kandy. Proud and beautiful people live here  it took colonizers a long time to make them obey. By the way, local people are very hard-working and cleanly. Des...
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The City of the Etan Volcano
by Douglas Scott. Catania is a renowned port and Sicilyas second largest city. The city is overshadowed by the Etna Mount, the volcano that often has betrayed the trust of the local people, sending forth great flows of lava, on one occasion down into the town itself. ...
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The Auvergne - Land of Lakes and Volcanoes
by Mary Smith. The Auvergne is a beautiful region in the heart of France - it is approximately 3 hours south of Paris and 4 hours from the south Coast. It comprises 4 separate departments : the Allier in the North, the Puy de Dome in the centre, the haute-Loire to ...
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Kalindikhal Trekking- a True Adventure in Himalayas
by Amit Kothiyal. Kalindikhal with all its mighty charm is a place that must be seen to be believed. For sheer geographical diversity, few places in the world are as richly endowed as Kalidikhal. Low rolling bills, just a couple of hundred meters above sea level, clim...
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