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Backpacker’s Travel Insurance
Topic : Backpackers Travel Insurance : Cheap Travel Insurance
by Dylan. Are you considering traveling the world with only the clothes on your back? Take the time to look into getting backpackers travel insurance to provide peace of mind travel.
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Everybody Needs Travel Insurance
Topic : From Backpackers to Business Travellers
by Andrew Regan. The very nature of travel involves many risks that are completely outside of our control.
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Travel Insurance - 10 Top Tips
by Smith Chen. Insurance is one of those areas that is generally unavoidable; you’ll need it in some form or another somewhere along the line. For the majority of us, that just happens to be every day.
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Travel Insurance Types
by John Smith. Travel insurance is designed to cover any financial loss while travelling abroad or within your own country.
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A Backpackers Guide to Life
Topic : A Backpacker’s Guide To Life
by Mike Ege. Okay, so not everybody loves backpacking as much as I do. I agree that there are still a lot of people out there who will never don a pack even once in their lives.
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A Little About Backpacking
by Tanja Kelly. Backpacking is a fun hobby and sport. It is challenging and adventurous. It appeals to young and old, male and female. It is something anyone can do and there are countless options on how and where to do it.
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Backpacking – Go Light On Your Budget & Luggage
Topic : Backlacking: Go Light On Your Budget & Luggage
by Lizzie Scott. Backpacking is one of the best ways to see the world in the shortest amount of time and least amount of money. Backpacking is one of the best ways to travel light. Backpacking also allows for cheap travels.
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Backpacking Journals – Preserve Your Backpacking Experiences
Topic : Backpacking Journals: Preserve Your Backpacking Experiences
by Nomad Rick. Backpacking is a great way to escape the rat race and be one with nature. Alas, your backpacking experiences can fade with time. The best way to prevent this is to keep a backpacking journal for your adventures.
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How To Choose A Good Tent
by Lee MacRae. Without a doubt, many people enjoy the delights of camping out in a beautiful setting in a traditional tent. Just imagine it. The sounds of nature, the smell of the fresh air. No doubt distinct from your regular, busy life.
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Unique Backpacking Christmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers
by Nomad Rick. Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come by. If you’re buying for a backpacker, here are a few unique backpacking gift ideas.
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Backpacking: the Right Luggage
by swissjohn. Finding the right travel luggage before you depart on your trip will greatly depend on where and how you will be traveling. If your journey is a weekend getaway to Paris, and you will have all the amenities provided, then you may need little in the w...
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The Advantages Of Light Backpacking
by abbadox. Backpacking requires that you bring all essential items before going on a trip. You do not want to be endangered during your trip, do you? If you want to avoid accidents and problems as much as possible during your trip, you have to pack all kinds ...
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Backpacking Adventure Travel
by jpurdy25. If you are looking to take an adventure travel lasting a day or two, or over a long holiday weekend, a backpacking adventure travel may be a perfect solution. This type of adventure travel is usually easier to plan and will give you a nice break away...
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7 Top Tips For Safely Pitching a Tent When Backpacking
by Nicole Munoz. You wake up suddenly while sleeping in your camping tent. After sitting up, you hear a distant rumbling sound overhead. It's not thunder. It's not a jet. You listen carefully for a few seconds, and then realize...it's an avalanche! With one of your ...
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4 Lifesaving Tips For Packing a Backpack For Hiking
by Steve Pak. You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders...literally. The night before starting your camping trip, you tossed all of your gear into your backpack. And now every step up the mountain is a struggle. As the mountain becomes steeper and steepe...
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Is Backpacking Complicated?
by Nicholas Tan. Backpacking isn't complicated. In fact, its simplicity is what makes it so attractive. With only your pack on your back, there are no limits to what you can do or see. Many hostels pro
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Sleeping Bag Advice - Which Sleeping Bag Should I Buy?
by Ben McKay. SLEEPING BAGSAbout Sleeping BagsBeing comfortable and warm at night is crucial for enjoyment of the outdoors, so a good sleeping bag is a vital piece of camping equipm
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Camping Tent Advice - Which Tent Should I Buy?
by Ben McKay. TENT ADVICE - Camping Tent & Equipment AdviceGoing camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. Choosing a tent and buying
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Backpackers Checklist
by L.A.Need. The checklist here includes the essentials for camping in the backcountry. I've also included some hot tips and links to necessary gear which can keep the load to a minimum and yet not compromise the gear's performance. This checklist can be modif...
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TV Shows For Backpackers
by Steven Gillman. Not many television shows are produced with backpackers in mind. Still, there are some tv shows that can be appreciated especially by backpackers. They may even contain some useful lessons. Here are some examples of the best.The Classic National Geog...
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Sleeping Pads For Ultralight Backpackers
by Steven Gillman. Ultralight backpackers want to give up weight, not comfort. Sleeping pads are pretty much a necessity for backpacking comfort, but who wants to carry those monstrous old inflatables down the trail? Try some of these lightweight options instead. You c...
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You Might Be An Ultralight Backpacker If...
by Steven Gillman. If you you find yourself saying "Hey, that's a good idea," to more than one of the following, you might be an ultralight backpacker. They are collected from various lightweight backpacking forums. For those of you that don't share our passion for ult...
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Medicinal Plants For Backpackers
by Steven Gillman. Why learn about medicinal plants? Certainly, backpackers shouldn't leave the first aid kit home, but it can be useful and interesting to know a few plant medicines too. Whether you are someday in a survival situation, or you just lost your first aid ...
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Backpackers and Billionaires
by David Stanley. These days young budget travelers are lining up to go to the Yasawa Islands, a chain of 16 large volcanic islands and dozens of smaller ones roughly 35 km off the west coast of Viti Levu.The dazzling white beaches, clear warm waters, colorful coral r...
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How To Think Like An Ultralight Backpacker
by Steven Gillman. How does an ultralight backpacker think? A reporter for a backpacking magazine asked me this in a? recent interview. I've gone backpacking in winter conditions with as little as eleven pounds total on my back, so I do think light. In fact, there are ...
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