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Discovering Infidelity - One Woman’s Story
Topic : Infidelity : Discover Infidelity
by Ruth Houston. The day I discovered my husband was cheating on me is forever etched in my mind. I will never forget my bewilderment, shock, confusion and my uncertainty about what to do next. I was totally devastat...
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Internet Dating – It’s Not For Geeks
Topic : Internet Dating & Online Dating
by Sara Blackmore. Six months ago an old school friend and I were chatting over coffee, putting the world to rights as women do. She was bemoaning her lack of success in meeting the “right sort” of men. I asked her if ...
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Pen Pal Romance
Topic : Pen Pal : Romance
by Skye Thomas. We have all heard the wonderfully romantic stories of pen pals that wrote to each other for years without meeting because they lived hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. Some friend of a frien...
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Meeting your Russian Lady for the First TIme
Topic : Russian Lady
by Annas Agency?. No matter how fraudulent and inefficient the industry maybe, they have perfected one thing – “marketing”. Marriage agencies have gone to great lengths to present an image of beautiful, feminine, marr...
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The Art of Seduction
Topic : Art of Seduction & The Art of Seduction
by Sharon Jacobsen. Seduction is a question of subtle strategy with one ultimate goal - to have sex with someone. The desire for sex is powerful; for some it can be as powerful as the need to eat and breath. Seduction ...
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Time For A Quickie!!
by Sharon Jacobsen. Technique! We seem to have become obsessed by it! There are probably thousands of books offering detailed explanations of ways to make love to your partner. But what about spontaneity? Where's that g...
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Types of Russian Marriage Agencies
Topic : Russian Marriage Agency & Russian Marriage Agencies
by Annas Agency?. Background There are many different kinds of marriage agencies offering services in the market. By understanding the workings of each agency, customers will be in a better position to understand the ...
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Am I Weird If I Date Online?
Topic : Date Online : how to Date Online
by Devlyn Steele. True story: A few years back I was working with a client who had recently moved to Los Angeles. She was single, did not know many people in the big city, and felt a little lonely. I innocently sug...
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Ladies, Is Your Valentine the Cheating Kind?
by Ruth Houston. According to statistics, 50% to 70% of men cheat on their mates. What type of man is most likely to cheat? Ruth Houston, infidelity expert and author of “Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Sign...
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How Valentine’s Day Gifts Can Expose a Cheating Husband
Topic : Valentines Day Gift & Valentines Day Gifts Ideas
by Ruth Houston. If you have the nagging feeling that your husband may be having an affair, this is the ideal time to confirm what you suspect. The Valentine’s Day gifts he gives or receives can provide you with tang...
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Spotlight on the Asian-Themed Wedding
Topic : Asian Wedding & Asian Wedding Favor
by Blake Kritzberg. Asian-themed weddings are on the rise, and at first this might come as a surprise. After all, nothing could seem further from the Laura Ashley vision we get when thinking of a wedding. And in fact, t...
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Getting An Exciting Life After A Break Up
Topic : Exciting Life : After Breakup & After a Break Up
by Caroline Therancy. Breaking up. The End. The journey is over. You feel rejected. Hopeless. You don’t want to go back in the jungle again. You may even have that dread feeling of failure. Suddenly, all the love ...
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Prenuptial Agreements
Topic : Prenuptial Agreements & Prenuptial Agreement
by Johnette Duff. "Til death do us part" is still the language used in most weddings. Couples enter marriage with the hope of making a lifetime commitment. If this goal is not reached or if a spouse dies, the desire t...
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8 Steps to Scoring Big in a Bar
by Melissa Darnay. If you’re single, you’ve probably gone to a singles bar at some point in your life, hoping to make a love connection. But what determines whether tonight will be your lucky night? Chance? Kismet? May...
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Online Dating - 8 Sizzling Tips To Make Your Profile Standout!
by Amanda Lee. We know one of the hardest part of creating your profile is describing yourself to others. Dating pearl.com gives you the freedom to define & express yourself so you can put your best foot forward. F...
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Finding Your Feng Shui Power Spots for Love and Romance
Topic : Feng Shui & Feng Shui Tips : Love & Romance
by Stephanie Roberts. The first step in using feng shui to attract a partner or improve your love life is to find the relationship power spots in your home. Once you have located these areas, feng shui cures and enhanceme...
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5 Things You Shouldnt Do If Hes Cheating on You
by Ruth Houston. This may be the most important article you’ll read about dealing with your husband’s affair. There’s plenty of information available on what to do if your husband is cheating. But very little has b...
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Secrets To Get To The Heart Of Your Loved One
Topic : Secrets : Heart of your Love ones
by Caroline Therancy. The other day, I was home with my sweet love when my sister called. She was in a bad mood because she was babysitting my cat (I was out of town) and my cat had made a mess in her sofa. I was sorry...
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Can Men And Women Be Friends?
by Michael Ferrell. Men and women can't really be just friends, can they? Of course not. There’s always that pesky sexual tension to contend with. And what about the spouse, spousal equivalent, or boyfriend/girlfriend w...
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Dating Women From Russia
Topic : Dating Women : Russia Women & Russia Woman
by Marina Smiley. I want to share with you information that the Russian marriage agencies don't tell you on their web sites. Many of the dating agencies tout, how young Russian women are so family oriented and wil...
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Discover The Shocking Truth About Russian Women
Topic : Shocking Truth : Russian Womens & Russians Woman
by Marina Smiley. Every agency on the Internet features young, captivating Russian girls on their feature pages. Beautiful to look at, alluring, smiling, just waiting for you to take them as a bride. As you look at th...
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Why Men Cheat
Topic : Why Men Cheat & Why do Men Cheat
by Gregory Lions. "Big, little or short or tall, Wish I could have kept 'em all, I loved 'em every one" - T.G. Sheperd, I Loved 'Em Every One I thumbed through the New York City Yellow pages under "Escort Services". ...
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How Not to Compromise With Your Partner
by David Leonhardt. Do you ever disagree with your spouse? Or your boyfriend or girlfriend? Of course not – she/he/it is perfect, right? You can imagine my shock when my friend confided in me that he and his wife ofte...
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Marriage Missing Its Spark?
Topic : Marriage Advice : Marriage Relationship & Marriage Relationships
by Slade Hartwell. If the fires of passion in your marriage have been reduced nearly to embers, then you are not alone. One of the most common problems that can damage a marriage is the loss of spark…or spice, or whate...
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How To Add Romance To Your Relationship
Topic : Relationship Advice & Relationship Advise : Adding Romance
by Maria Estarellas. After a few years of being with that special someone, everything becomes a routine and this is one of the reasons why a relationship fails. In today's world, most of us involved in a relationship hav...
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